Chanel Quatuor Boutons de Chanel

CHANEL very, very rarely creates travel palettes. A few years ago, Chanel created a palette called Destination Palette. I belief the next palette was called Romantic Destination.  Sadly this item was always out of stock! This time, however, I wasn’t that upset when the item was out of stock on my flight to Japan…because of another lovely darling that was available! Drum Rolls ladies…may I introduce to you CHANEL QUATUOR BOUTONS DE CHANEL..

No…no, I don’t mean this Chanel Quatuor Boutons Les Folies.


The above Chanel palette was introduced in 2009. Might I just say I was quite disappointed when I played with it…the four shades all looked black on the back of my hand when I swatched them…if you stared really really hard, you might be able to see the slight differences in the purple, blue and brown shades…but only if you stared really hard. I meant this other baby…


Quatuor Boutons De Chanel is an eyeshadow palette that consists of 4 variations of beige and brown stamped with a gold Chanel logo and invites you to play with a perfect harmony of luminous and contrasting shades. This palette is designed exclusively for duty-free. I purchased it on board SIA – Singapore Airlines for SGD$78 (GBP £37 / USD$57).   I did a google search and it is also available on China Eastern Airlines.

So ladies if you are still stuck at airport lounges, have a look to see if you can find this beauty in duty free!

Hope this helps!


UPDATED (JUNE 16th 2010): I just read Karlasugar’s post on this baby and apparently this eyeshadow is a Nordstrom exclusive meant to celebrate their Anniversary. The collection is called Les Naturels Dorés de Chanel. Check out Karlasugar’s post to see swatches – Chanel for Nordstrom Anniversary.

Images from bloomingdales and krisshop


2 thoughts on “Chanel Quatuor Boutons de Chanel

  1. Hey nutty

    The beige tone Chanel quard is fir sure a darling i love natual tone shadows!!!!! I could comment on your site now which is good 🙂 back then I always had to log into my wordpress account which is very troublesom 🙂 keep up with the good work 🙂

    1. Hi Edna

      Yes…the beige Chanel quad is gorgeous! Still staring at it every since I bought it… 🙂

      I didnt realise there was a problem with people leaving comments…am so glad Jess alerted me to the problem and so glad its been fixed!

      Thanks for the compliments! I will continue to write if there are readers… 🙂

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