Guerlain Météorites Pressed Powder Review

GUERLAIN has a collection  called Guerlain Meteorites Powder Collection. Besides the Les Météorites Powders mention in my Guerlain Les Météorites Powders post, there are also pressed powder versions in the collection.

Guerlain 'Météorites' Pressed Powder Versions

Meteorites Voyage* (left) ~ According to the sales assistant, this is just the compact version of Mystic. But I disagree. The compact voyage is similar to Mystic except that there aren’t any noticeable shimmers in the compact version. Oh and you fork out alot more money for less product as compared to the Mystic pearls in their container. I bought my compact and although I have been babying it like nobody’s business -I.E it remains in the house in my makeup bag although its meant to be a portable pressed powder compact -I am really upset that the metal cover has loosen. Quite poor quality I would say for the price I am paying. The compact does not come with a sponge or brush either. If you are looking for oil control properties in a pressed powder, this wouldn’t be the best item for your needs.

Meteorites Pearl Compact (right) ~ The sales assistants tried to market these as portable pressed powder but I wasn’t interested. First, the cap is a screw top cap and it comes off completely. I would have problem juggling the cover, the compact and my applicator since I am a klutz. Secondly there is no brush or sponge either. Thirdly, there is no mirror at all. Not conducive to being portable at all. I personally feel this among the three types of meteorites – the loose pearls, the compact voyage and the illuminating pressed powders – this is the most shimmery of the lot. You can actually see the shimmer on your face provided the light hits at the right moment.


I guess purchasing any of the pressed powder would depend on your needs.  If you are interested in using this as a pressed powder, get the meteorites voyage. If you are looking for something with more highlighting then the Meteorites Pearl Compact would be the way to go.

Hope this helps!

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* This review on Guerlain Meteorites Voyager refers to the regular line of Meteorites Voyager available all year round at their counter and not to their exclusive limited edition range of Meteorites Voyager produced during Limited Edition collections.


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