Diary of a Makeover Event: Giorgio Armani MasterClass

GIORGIO ARMANI holds Masterclasses, teaching how to create a flawless base makeup for each person, at their counters in Selfridges, Harrods and I do believe Harvey Nichols. I had the best time ever with Frederick Letaillieur Luhlier (I am positive I spelt his name wrongly!) at the Harrods counter one afternoon…read on for tips and methods of creating a flawless base!



Method: Use a fluffy powder brush when applying the Fluid Master Primer, dab the flat side on the primer and onto the skin and using the same brush,  brush the product all over the face.

Tips: The primer makes skin very soft as it is mostly silicon and helps the rest of the base to adhere to the skin better. By using a brush, one can cover a bigger area in a shorter time making application quicker.


Tips: If your concealer turns grey on you,   1- the shade used might be too light  or  2 –  a peach colour corrector is required because of the shade of the dark circles


(i) For the peach corrector, use 1 dab on the top lid and another 1 dab on the bottom lid.

(ii) Next apply yellow concealer, using 1 dab underneath the inner corner of the eye.

(iii) Use the foundation brush to mix the peach and yellow concealers across the eyes.

(iv) There is no need to apply concealer at the outer corner of the eye.



(i) Place 2 dabs of the yellow concealer at the forehead (where your bridge of your nose meets your forehead), place 1 dab  at each at side of nose and 1 dab  at the chin (the area underneath your lips)

(ii) Use a foundation brush or your fingers to blend the concealer into the skin.


Method:  Use 1 dab of Face Fabric each on your forehead, cheeks and chin. Blend with the powder brush.

Tips: Remember to smooth the product  away from the nose with a powder brush, any remaining product on the brush should be brushed quickly onto the nose.


Method: Use Fluid Sheer #10 with a cheek brush, dab the product high on the cheekbones up to forehead in the shape of a ‘C’

Tip: The bronze shade warms the skin by creating shadows and also highlights at same time because of the shimmer in the product.



(i) Use cheek brush and contour the cheeks with the darker shade in the cheek duo by sucking in your cheek and applying the product in the hollows of your cheek.

(ii) To apply blush, dab the lighter shade in the cheek duo across cheeks.

Tips: By applying the blush in a circular motion, it will create  the illusion of bigger cheeks again.

The Masterclass should have ended at this moment but I did manage to badger Frederick for more tips… 😉


Tips: If wearing glasses and eyes are small, the best way to define eyes would be to use eyeliner  (liquid) by drawing a thin, fine line. Further define your eyes by using mascara on curled lashes. Avoid wearing bright and colourful eyeshadows with glasses since the frame will obscure the eyeshadow.



(i) For neutral lips, use a rosy nude shade  with lip shimmer

(ii) Beware that red lips might clash with certain clothing shades and create strange looks. Red lips  look best with black clothes.

Other Random Tips: –

1) When your foundation changes into an orange shade, it’s because the oils in the foundation do not mix well with your skin chemistry. There is no way of saving the foundation.

2) When your foundation colour darkens, it is possible that your face has sunblock which creates a white cast, so when you apply the foundation, it will look lighter but after a while when the foundation settles, it looks like the foundation has darkens but it is actually the correct shade of foundation bought!

3) Buffing the products with a brush gives an airbrushed effect.

4) Use a foundation brush when the product to be applied is more of a liquid nature. Because Giorgio Armani’s face fabric is more powdery, it is best to use the powder brush.

5) Apply makeup with very light hands or in thin layers and  slowly build up   the layers.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself at this event and learned a lot of tips. The amount paid for the Masterclass is fully redeemable. I highly recommend one of these classes.

Hope the tips help!



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