Chanel Rouge Coco Recommendations

CHANEL Rouge Cocos was featured in an article in the 2010 April edition of Her World, a local magazine in Singapore. In the article, Mr Peter Philips specifically recommended the best shades of rouge cocos for Asian skin and gave his thoughts on the new range.


Makeup and lipstick, to Mr Peter Philips is a tool of power. When women apply lipstick, the gesture is beautiful and seductive. In comparison to the Chanel Rouge Allure range, which contain more sophisticated, darker and more extreme shades, the new  Rouge Coco range is meant to be young and accessible to every woman. I guess perhaps that’s why there is a wide range of easy to wear shades.

Mr Philips recommends the following easiest to wear shades for Asian skin according to the Beige, Pink, Red and Brown colour families: –

– #02 Pearle (rosy beige) ~ universal shade for all
– #06 Egerie (coppery apricot) ~ good for everyday use since it is very light and sweet
– #08 La Pausa (deep coppery beige) ~ a subtle coral that suits all skintones
– #76* Sari Dore ~ great on fair skin. This is the brand’s iconic shade.

– #05 Mademoiselle (intense coppery rosewood) ~ blue based so good for darker liptone
– #10 Camelia (luminous rosewood) ~ a frosty pink meant for girly looks.
– #11 Legende (coppery pink) ~ Works for almost everyone. Vanessa Paradis’ favourite!
– #17 Orchidee (intense coppery pink) ~ Warm pink meant for a bold look
– #23 Rouge Orage (intense darkened pink) ~ matte with just a hint of orange.

– #26 Venise (coppery brown) ~ matte creamy finish. good for daytime use.
– #32 Sycomore (brown with rosewood accents) ~ Blue undertone with high shine factor
– #33 Bois Des Iles (golden copper) ~ Warm with slight shimmer.

– #19 Gabrielle (intense & bold coppery red) ~ Best against yellow-toned skin.
– #22 Paris (fresh & radiant red) ~ Traffic stopping intense red with hint of blue.
– #24 Bel Respiro (delicate coral red) ~ Glossy red good for a fresh day time look.
– #25 Vendome (coppery brown) ~ Classic red good for tanned skin.

Choosing a Colour:

If skin is more yellow based, avoid lipsticks with yellow tones. Use those with more blue tone to make teeth whiter.

Try the lipsticks on your lips. Have fun playing with them. If its not right, try another colour.

Application Tips:

Using the lipstick straight from the tube will produce the colour in its truest form. If you want a natural/softer look, apply one coat on the bottom lips and smack your lips together. If you are feeling adventurous or want the full effect of the lipstick, apply to both lips.

For a polished look, use lipliner before applying the lipstick. Using a matching lipliner will make the lipstick last longer. A darker shade of lipliner will make lips look fuller.  To balance, use a lighter lipliner on the top and a darker lipliner on the bottom.

Thoughts: I suggest going to the counter to play with these lippies as colour is very subjective. As you can see, some of the lippies have different colour descriptions…the colour descriptions in the brackets are from the chanel website. The colour descriptions after the  dash (~)   are from the magazine. I personally went to the counter to check out Sari Dore since its ‘ the brand’s iconic shade*‘. You will note that this shade isn’t available on the chanel website (USA or UK) but strangely I found it on Boots (UK website) which is usually not up to date with the latest products. By the way, Sari Dore is orange…

In addition to colour being subjective, I think choosing a shade will also depend on one’s personal like(s) or dislike(s) and needs (although I must say with regards to makeup, very often its a case of ‘wants’ – more often like right now – rather than ‘needs’ 😉 ).

For my other articles on Chanel Rouge Coco, please see Chanel Rouge Cocos, Chanel Rouge Coco Review and Chanel Rouge Coco Looks.

Hope this helps!


* ETA (May 31 2010): I went back to the counter to have a look at the Rouge Cocos and Sari Dore is actually numbered as #76 which means its the same shade as the Limited Edition Tehran #76  on the USA Chanel website.

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