‘SUQQU and SEX’ was supposed to be the title of this post…but I thought it would be too eye-catching for some! 😉 SO i settled for ‘Suqqu and SATC’ instead…right I think I should stop talking about titles and start on the post…

Apparently Suqqu foundation was used on the  stars in SATC2. It’s the must have foundation for Kristen Davis and Kim Catrall when they were filming SATC2.

Nicki Ledermann, Kristen Davis’ makeup artist in Sex and the City 2 found Suqqu foundation to be a perfect match for Kristen Davis’ skin. Suqqu foundation made her skin glow flawlessly all day long even though Kristen’s skin is easily irritated due to long hours of filming and the extreme climate changes of their many shooting locations.

Kevin Fortune, makeup artist to Kim Catrall ,  loved the texture of the Creamy Foundation and the beautiful, natural, flawless finish it provides. Kim loved how great her skin looked and felt after prepping with Suqqu skin care and applying the foundation.


To celebrate the debut of SATC 2 on May 28th 2010, Suqqu will be holding a special Sex and the City 2 on-counter event from May 27 to  June 2 in Selfridges Main Beauty Hall at Oxford Street. Make a shopping date with a few of your girlfriends and pop down to the counter to play with Suqqu’s fabulous makeup!

Happy Shopping!


Image from instyle uk

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2 thoughts on “SUQQU and SATC 2

    1. Hi Fuz

      Yes, Suqqu does make good foundations! They should sponser the rest of their makeup as well…maybe this heralds the launch of Suqqu in USA?

      Thanks for commenting and visiting!

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