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SUQQU is available exclusively in Japan, London, Birmingham and Bangkok. Please view my post, Shopping at Suqqu for my shopping encounters at their counters in London and Japan.  Ever since I wrote about my love for suqqu in,  All Things Suqqu, I have had numerous readers writing in asking where they can purchase Suqqu online. Instead of repeatedly replying to emails, here are some alternatives if you do not have a Suqqu counter near you…

Please note the following*: I am not affiliated to any of the following websites. I have had no experience purchasing any items from these websites. Purchasing from these websites are at your own risk.

Departmental Stores

Suqqu – Suqqu’s japanese website lists 3 different online websites of Departmental stores – Isetan, Hankyu Beauty and Daimaru,  which I suggest you check out if you can read Japanese. I don’t (google translate doesn’t work)so I have no idea if they ship international.

Selfridges – Am told you can call 0800 123 400 (try +44800 123 400 for international calls) and ask for the Suqqu counter. They should be able to process your order online. Please let me know if this works or doesn’t work and how much did Selfridges quote for shipping.

Online Websites

Ratuken – Ratuken has quite a huge collection of Suqqu items. Unfortunately, they seem to be out of stock of the items. I have no idea if they would be restocking the items.

Mihoko – Mihoko’s website sells Japanese makeup brands. Unfortunately, they have a very small collection of Suqqu items.

Ichibanko – Ichibanko’s website also sells Japanese makeup/skincare brands. They  have a good collection of Suqqu makeup but a small collection of skincare.

Please share your shopping experiences if you do purchase from the above websites.

Good Luck! Happy Shopping!!


Edited to Add (081112): I have received comments about one of the websites I linked  on this post to purchase Suqqu online. Please note the above paragraph marked with an asterik. These are websites I knew (at the time of publishing this post) that sold Suqqu and  included them for your information.

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2 thoughts on “Online Shopping – Suqqu

  1. Mihokoshop is a scam website. Don’t buy from them. I am a victim of their scam. They did not give back my money nor deliver the goods. Worst, they don’t respond to your emails.

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