Chanel Orient Extreme Collection Review

CHANEL revealed  the Orient Extreme collection at the Paris Shanghai Ready – to Wear show. This collection is limited edition and features three nailpolishes and a eyeliner and eyeshadow duo.


Ligne et ombre de Chanel ~ A jet black eyeliner (used with a damp brush) dries to a deep, matte finish, while the shimmering gold eyeshadow (with gold microglitter) imparts a lush, luminous glow. Gives a very sophisticated look. The eyeliner can create sexy winged eyes or if you wish a thin or thick line to emphasis your eyes. Sorely tempted to purchase this because the gold eyeshadow is just gorgeous – very shimmery with gold microgitter! Stunning!!

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Le Vernis Gold Lame  ~ Gold nailpolish – more of a metallic finish.

Le Vernis Black Velvet ~ Black matte nailpolish

Le Vernis Illusion D’or ~ Stunning gold nailpolish with gold microglitter and holographic glitter.


Quite an interesting collection! I am seriously lemming the eyeshadow and eyeliner duo but am trying to resist cos I have eyeliners and gold eyeshadows, it’s just that my gold eyeshadows are nothing as pretty as Chanel’s Ligne et ombre de chanel.

I love nail polishes but I couldn’t quite figure what to do with a black matte nail polish until the sales assistant showed me how the nail polish should be applied. The three nail polishes are used together – first layer is Gold Lame, followed by Illusion D’or which just gives tons of sparkles and Black Velvet is used in the style of a French manicure – so it’s sparkly gold base with matte black tips…just like in the picture below…absolutely stunning and gorgeous!


I never realised how using just two shades – black and gold – can create such a stunning and gorgeous look! Check out this collection if you are into golds!!

Hope this helps! Please share your thoughts on this collection.

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2 thoughts on “Chanel Orient Extreme Collection Review

    1. Hi Ena Dumpling!

      Are you getting every single item from the collection? Chanel is mighty expensive over in OZ!!
      Dont forget to post your haul!

      Thanks for dropping by!

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