SUQQU Revamp

Oh the horrors of it all! Just when I thought my Suqqu collection might be finally completed, I receive news of Suqqu’s revamp!! I guess just like any other Japanese makeup marque, where there is a revamp of the collection every two years, Suqqu is following suit… My poor poor wallet! 😦

In case you can read Japanese, the news is reported on Biteki and the pictures of the new collection can be seen on FAnet. Or check out Haru’s post on the revamp in English.

The really, really good news is that prices don’t seem to have increased!! 🙂 But I do so wish they would price their brushes in the more affordable range! The revamp seems to have reduced their eyeshadow collection to six quads – which seems to be all neutral shades.

Unless my eyes are playing tricks on me, it also appears that Suqqu has repackaged their products – it looks like the casing are now glossy black and not their current dark purple casing.

Fear not my fellow makeup enthusiasts, the revamp will only take place in the Fall – September 3rd 2010 – in Japan…so i believe it might take some time for the trickled down effect to reach the London and Bangkok counters (but please don’t quote me on this) , so there’s still time to pick up certain shades you have been eyeing all along…unless of course they run out of stocks for that particular colour…and to help you in your decision-making, I will devote my time and energy to more Suqqu post in the coming weeks…stay tune for reviews and swatches!



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