2010 June Wrap Up

Dear Readers,

How’s everyone doing? Hope all is well with you…

I do apologise that I havent written much in the last couple of weeks…its because I have not been in the best of moods lately…you will find the reason in the post titled – Shopping woes (am posting it after this post).

Other then the last two unproductive weeks in June, I guess I should dub June 2010 as SUQQU month!! I wrote a fair bit on Suqqu, probably because I received news of Suqqu revamping their line – please see Suqqu Revamp. Am pretty sure some of you would go into Suqqu overdrive and try to purchase items you have always desired before the revamp…then again, I am pretty sure Suqqu will ensure that there will be more things to desire after their revamp!

To help you in making your choices for Suqqu, I review their dual and quad eyeshadows at Suqqu Eyeshadow Reviews. I posted swatches of their blushers – Swatches: Suqqu Blend Cheeks and their eyeshadows at Swatches: Dual eyeshadows and Swatches: Suqqu Noble Naunce Eyeshadows.

I did write about Chanel’s Orient Extreme Collection as well. You should check out that post if you like gold shades.

Oh…and I have that little pesky problem of broken links for my images…am in the process of re-linking the pictures, but if you do encounter problems with my images, would it be possible to just leave a comment so I know which posts to correct the errors?

Here’s hoping July will be a more productive month!




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