La Mer Cleansing Fluid Review

LA MER’s cleansing fluid is one of my favourite items, it is in makeup lingo my HG (holy-grail) makeup remover. I think I have probably replenished it 4-5 times…

Nemian Marcus’s product description as follows: “created with precious sea-derived oils and essences selected for their bio-compatibility with skin, this transformational cleanser removes stubborn makeup and deeply cleanses while energizing and nourishing. It is the optimal first step to any daily cleansing regimen.

• A luxurious, mineral-rich cleansing oil developed to effectively dissolve makeup, dirt, and impurities.
• Gentle enough for use around the delicate eye area.
• When combined with water, this unique formula transitions from an oil to an emollient lotion.
• Botanical blend including precious sea-derived oils and extracts.
• Embedded tourmaline in formula breaks surface tension.
• 6.7-ounce pump bottle.”

La Mer The Cleansing Fluid. Picture from Neiman Marcus
La Mer The Cleansing Fluid. Picture from Neiman Marcus

Usage: I usually use half a pump of the product, spread it all over my face and rub in circles. Next, i dampened my hands and rub my face again. When the weather is cold and dry, I usually don’t double-cleanse. But in the hot summer weather, I try to double-cleanse.

Texture: the product is a thick oil that smooths easily over the skin and emulsifies with water into a lotion. The product doesn’t turn very runny when water is added. I don’t require a lot of product to remove my makeup at all.

Efficiency: I personally feel this stuff is amazing, half a pump helps remove my makeup. Unless I happen to wear waterproof mascara, then i might use a little bit more. I find my face cleansed and skin is not slimy (even when I don’t double-cleanse my face with another cleanser).


I have had a bad history of using cleansing oils for double cleansing whereby my face breaks out into pimples (red/white) and the face is red and it is extremely painful to touch, even splashing water on the face hurts. La Mer’s cleansing fluid has not caused me any trouble and I find it removes my makeup efficiently. However, I do find it problematic for travel (it’s a huge bottle to carry around in the luggage and the pump is a nightmare to pack!). I do not consider this expensive simply because a bottle (250ml) usually lasts me close to a year and I do try to purchase this at duty-free stores when I am traveling.

One of my staples in my skin care arsenal. Highly recommended!

Hope this helps!


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