2010 Summer Collection Looks: The Summer Blues

I haven’t written much about the 2010 Summer collection because I couldn’t find anything in any of the brands that made me want to part with my moolah…I thought it was the heat that was making me strange…how is it possible that nothing caught my eye??

So the title of this post is 2010 Summer Blues because of my lack of lemmings, which did make me feel ‘blue’… and because I felt that the predominant colour for the majority of the collections was blue.

For Summer 2010, most of the brands featured at least one product in a shade of blue. It was mostly blue eyes with a couple of blue nail polishes ..the other colours that were featured was hot pink and coral… but somehow ‘2010 Summer Blues and Coral’ didn’t have that much of a punch. Off course, some brands decided to be different and went with neutral shades instead…thereby completely messing with my title too… read on for my take on Summer 2010…

LUNASOL’s 2010 Summer Collection…blue eyes & nails!! Fits the title post perfectly!!

GIVENCHY’s 2010 Summer Collection also has blue eyes and blue nails!


SHU UEMURA’s collection has a nice slick of blue on the eyes…while it was ‘nice’, it didn’t make my heart beat any faster…


NARS introduced a blue eyeshadow duo called Burn it Blue…I really think Nars should have added the word ‘baby’ as well…I mean ‘Burn it Blue Baby’ would have been a smashing name right? Anyway… Burn it Blue (Baby)  is an amazing bright aqua blue that did make me stop in my tracks but sanity prevailed and I know Burn it Blue (Baby) would look crap on my pale pink toned skin…but am sure it will be absolutely gorgeous on a tanned skin…or at least on a non pink toned skin…


and here’s where things get a little murky…these collections have hot pinks and coral thrown into the mix…

CHANEL’s 2010 Summer Collection called Les pop-up de Chanel with its eye-catching hot pink lips and nails…


This Chanel collection had amazing lip glosses, lipsticks and nail polishes that coordinated well with each another. Great if you like looks that match…but while they did match perfectly with one another…my heart didnt beat any faster…the hot pink nail polish was a touch too bright and garish for my skin toned… am sure the collection goes amazingly with tanned skin or darker toned ladies…and the blue nail polish that everyone raved about got me excited too…until I tested it on my nails!

LAURA MERCIER went with blue eyes & coral lips for their 2010 Summer Sun drenched Collection too…lovely but nothing that made my heart race…


ESTEE LAUDER’s collection did make my heart race…but it had nothing to do with the makeup…and everything to do with what the model was wearing…or rather not wearing…

Estee Lauder's Bronze Goddess Collection

I wasnt thinking about Estee Lauder’s summer collection when I saw that photo…in case anyone is curious about the makeup & not what body products the model used to achieve that body…here’s a picture of the collection…notice the blue eyes & coral lip shades that were distracted by her choice of swimwear?


PAUL and Joe’s 2010 Summer collection  had blue & coral too…


I was all geared up to purchase the nail polishes considering I bought the entire Summer Collection of nail polishes last year – see Paul & Joe Summer 09 – but the coral nail polish (004 MARRAKESH) was a tad too bright and garish on my fingers, the caramel (005 MIRAGE) nail polish had silver glitter that was just plain yuck on me…the pale blue shimmer nail polish (006 OASIS,), a tad bluer than Chanel’s version didn’t do anything for my heart either…

The most outstanding item in Paul and Joe’s 2010 Summer Collection was the Shimmering Body Lotion. It had the most gorgeous scent – the sales assistant said it was Jasmine…I smelt a sweet and floral-y scent that stayed closed to the body and lasted surprisingly well…I still had whiffs of the scent about 4 hours later when I moved my arms. The texture was light, it absorbed into my skin quickly and there was no greasy or tacky feeling…best bit was the gold tiny micro-glitter that was dispersed evenly upon application. My skin looked naturally shimmery and I think this would look absolutely fabulous on all skin tones! Unfortunately, this has no SPF, so make sure to double up with sunscreen if you are going to use this at the beach. Even though my heart did beat faster… a whole lot faster…sanity prevailed and I knew I just wouldn’t have any use of this…so I pass on the one and only item that had my heart racing for 2010 Summer…

on the other spectrum of bright shades, we have the summer neutrals…

SUQQU released a limited edition summer quad in shades of lilac and browns…

GUERLAIN’s 2010 Summer collection included a revamp of their famous meteorites collection. I did write about their meteorites collection here and here. I pass on this neutral shade palette because it’s quite similar to what I have in my collection…


2010 Summer was on the whole bright & colourful with blues, hot pinks & corals. There were a couple of collections that went for the neutral looks too.

Paul and Joe’s collection was the only collection that I very nearly caved in & bought something…but sanity prevailed…sometimes I hate it when sanity prevails…but I am so glad that I was ‘sane’ for once (with regards to makeup) because I tell you…Fall 2010 is a ‘freaking’ amazingly kick-ass collection!

I do apologise for making readers go through 1000 words about me not buying anything for summer…but I promise that soon, there’s going to be a post on me buying a lot of everything for Fall…in the meantime, feel free to share the items you bought for summer and / or the hidden gems that I had missed out on an excellent 2010 Summer collection…

Happy Reading!

Images from iswii.net


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