Suqqu Creamy Eyeliner Review

SUQQU has two versions of eyeliner – a pencil and a creamy eyeliner. The creamy eyeliner is one of the best eyeliners I have tried.


Packaging: It comes in a small screw top glass container. There is an accompanying retractable brush that is perfect for use with the product.


Shades: Comes in 5 different shades that run from the regular black and brown to interesting dark green (with gold micro glitter) and a blue green. The micro glitter is pretty when you look at the product under lights but you cant really see any difference when its on the eyes (well…it could be my poor eyesight!). #01 Green actually looks pretty dark on my eyes – no noticeable green, it looks black to me.

Texture: Creamy, easily spreadable eyeliner that surprisingly wears like iron on my eyes! I have always had problems with eyeliners. The fastest I had eyeliner melt on me – 10 mins. Even if the eyeliner is waterproof, I end up having panda eyes. From my experience, this eyeliner lasts on me… tears (not a problem), sweating after exercise (tiny smudge at the outer corners), work day (not a problem).


Highly recommended if looking for a long wearing eyeliner. Problems of cost (its ridiculously expensive! But do think of the brush thats part of the product) and portability (imagine packing a glass container with additional brush for travelling).

Hope this helps!

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