The Rosebud Chronicles: Lipstick Queen Medieval Review

MEDIEVAL by Lipstick Queen got me all excited…in more than one way…


The lipstick comes packed in a simple light weight red metal casing with a image of a naked lady on cardboard backing and encased in plastic casing. It was my first time seeing a naked lady on beauty products, but the image is quite reminiscence of medieval times. But the packaging did feel a bit cheap to me…

On the website, Medieval is described as “A sheer red that is super light on the lips to give you just a sexy hint of red.” Medieval was inspired by Medieval times when full coverage lipstick was considered a sin. Instead, women used lemons to stimulate the lips and stain their lips a see through blood red.


Medieval is truly a sheer red that is super light and does give a veil of red on the lips. It has a slight glossy finish on the lips. It feels like a very moisturising lip balm but is non sticky or heavy.  Unfortunately, while this is a very nice sheer red, for some reason whenever I have this on my lips, my lips peel and crack like mad even though vitamin E is included in the formula.

Medieval is sheer red great for beginners who want to venture into red territory.

Hope this help!



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