Suqqu Mascara Review

SUQQU has three different kinds of mascara. If you are interested in a mascara with the ‘tubing’ technology, read on…

Packaging: Black glossy tube.

Shade: For the regular line, one shade only – black. I have bought a dark green mascara as part of their limited edition summer kit before.

Versions: There are 3 different versions.

LONG N(contains resin fibre)
VOLUME LONG N(contains resin fibre)

Each version has slightly different brush heads…you can see the subtle differences from the image below.


Texture: Fairly ‘dry’ mascara. Reminds me of Shu Uemura’s basic mascara. A light, airy mascara that isn’t clumpy or heavy. Rinses off with warm water just like regular tubing mascara.

Effect: All three mascaras are water-resistant and won’t run with tears or sweat. The mascara effect is subtle though, creating a ‘your lashes but better’ effect.Creates flexible, supple and curled eyelashes that enhances my eyes all day long without creating the pesky panda eye effect.


One of my very favourite mascaras but the price is ridiculously expensive…its the cost of a blush or duo eyeshadow compact!

Hope this helps!

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