2010 Fall: Chanel Les Contrastes de Chanel Collection Review

CHANEL released a collection that brings dramatic emphasis to eyes, while keeping lips soft and delicate for fall 2010. To me, that translates into the usual smokey eyes, soft lips for fall/winter. Before the launch of this collection, the nail polish – paradoxical, the Eyeshadow quad – Enigma and the blush – Pink Explosion were making the headlines in the various blogs. I adore smokey looks and was waiting in agony for this collection to launch. I had set aside money and was all ready to purchase every item in the collection…


Fall Collection consists of:

Nailpolishes: Jade Rose & Paradoxal~

Thoughts: Jade Rose is a re-promote from 2009’s summer collection. I so wish they would re-promote Jade from the same collection and if Chanel is thinking of re-promoting nail polishes, I say bring back Pearle Rose too! But I digress…Jade Rose to my eyes is a beige shade in the bottle with nice red shimmer when light hits the bottle but on my skin it looks a pale beigey-pink. Very nice for natural/neutral nails and appropriate for work.

Paradoxal It’s a dark violet grey that looks blah on the nails until sunlight hits the nails.  It is only at that moment  you get that fascinating shimmer that you can see in the bottle. You will be disappointed if you purchase Paradoxal thinking that you will achieve that fascinating shimmer in the bottle on your nails.

Eyeshadows – Les Quatre Ombres de Chanel Enigma, Ombre Essential Taupe Grisé & Ombre Essential Verte Khaki ~

Thoughts: Enigma is composed of shimmering peach, chocolate-grey, violet-grey and deep plum tone. Creates a gorgeous smokey eye.  I skipped this because when I played with it, the three dark shades basically looked similar (i.e they are dark), the subtle nuances couldn’t be seen on my eyes and personally I feel it is not worth paying the price of a quad when essentially one is getting a light shade and a dark shade. It would have been better if a mid-toned shade had been included.

Taupe Gris is a shimmering purplish grey. This is a gorgeous shimmery purplish grey in Chanel’s silky texture. Goes beautifully with Amethyst (a more purplish look) and safari (a more greyish look).

Khaki Vert is a shimmering warm dark olive shade in Chanel’ silky texture.

Eyepencils: Stylo Yeux Waterproof Eyeliner in  Cassis & Le Crayon Kohl in  Clair ~

Thoughts: Cassis dark violet & Clair ~ a soft creamy beigey-pink. if you like to line your water lines you must get this. This is the best shade I have seen so far that gives a natural effect.

Lipsticks: Rouge Coco  Chintz #35, Rose Dentelle #37 & >Chalys.

Thoughts: Chintz – a milky peachy-pink. Rose Dentelle – a milky pink.I know there’s supposed to be 3 new shades but there’s only 2 shades available at the local counters here (I checked 3 different counters).  Rose Dentelle and chintz are quite similar, both pale pastel shades, the only difference being one leans towards pink, the other towards peach.

Lipglosses: Glossimer in Petite Pêche – pale peach; Coral Love –  shimmering ginger;  Rose Dilemma – rich pink and Pink Teaser – shimmering fuchsia.

Blushers: Joues Contrast ~ Orchid Rose – a nude pink; Rose Bronze – a luminous rosewood; Pink Explosion (limited edition) – a shimmering rose with silver mirco-glitter ; Rose Temptation – a glistening rosewood; Plum Attraction – a luminous mauve and Pink Cloud – gorgeous sparkly silvery pink.

Thoughts: Supposedly a reformulation of the Joues contrast line. Only two shades are limited edition. Pink explosion – gorgeous rose and plum attraction (i think). I skipped the limited editions because well, I simply have too many pink blushes (pink explosion) and plum attraction was a tad too dark for my skin-toned (similar to Nars sin). The only interesting one was Pink Cloud which isn’t limited edition so I have all the time in the world to think about buying another blush.

Verdict: I loved Chanel’s fall look so much on the model, I was ready to buy, buy, buy! But I only ended up with the 2 nail-polishes. Since a lot of the items weren’t limited edition, I resisted and frankly this collection didnt managed to make me go ga-ga and into the “I need everything” mode. It didn’t help (but my wallet was sure happy!) that the sales assistants weren’t in favour of any of the dark shades on my eyes and felt that the limited edition blushers  were a tad too bright/dark on my skintone…

What about you? Did you end up purchasing any products? Please share.

Hope this helps!

Image from iswii.net


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