2010 Fall: Paul & Joe Claire de Lune Collection Review

PAUL & JOE release the Clair de Lune Collection for Fall 2010 which are all limited edition.

Presenting the Moonlight Dance eye palettes, lipsticks and face colour…


The collection consists of the Moonlight Dance eyeshadow palettes which are limited edition.


Top to Bottom:
#067 SILVERY MOON: silver, gold, shimmery grey, black and navy
#068 PAPER MOON: shimmery champage, beige, peach, brown and dark chocolate.
#069 BLUE MOON:shimmery yellow, pink, pale pink, lilac, blue.

Thoughts: All looked really lovely, especially the packaging. #067’s silver and gold shade had textures that were slightly chunky. Pity would have worked great as a highlighter. #068 and #069 would both work as eye colours and blushers (by using the first 3 light shades). #068 would be a great everyday natural/OL look. #069 would be great for a pink/lilac look – great for the romantic/sweet look. The selling point besides the lovely packaging would be these palettes would be great for travelling – you dont need to carry blush but the packaging is actually made of cardboard and held together with a black band – not very conducive for travelling. That and the fact that you would need small brushes to pick up the individual shades for use on the eyes.

The collection also has 3 limited edition lipstick C.


Left to Right:
#066 CLAIR DE LUNE: soft pink
#067 OVER THE MOON: soft coral
#068 MOON SHADOW: darker pink

Thoughts: Texturewise – these lipsticks are very emollient, easy to apply and gives a sheer wash of glossy colour to the lips. The Lipsticks are soooooooooo CUTE! Too Cute that you might end up purchasing them and not using them…I bought them for gifts for my friends and you really should have seen their reaction…

‘Ohhh’ the you bought me a lipstick look!
Then the OMG! its so cute!
Followed by face falling cos now they figure they cant use it cos its so cute!

Verdict: In all honesty, when I first saw this collection, my heart went into overdrive with the palpitations…I had the strongest urge ever to bite the heads of the lipsticks! I bought all the lipsticks and end up buying extras for gifts too. But you might want to know that application is a bit strange because of the shape of the lipstick and the lipstick really looks horrid when the cat’s head becomes disfigured. I am resisting the eye palettes #068 and #069.  On the whole a really cute and whimsical collection!

Hope this helps!



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