2010 Fall: Lancome French Coquettes Collection Review

LANCOME’s 2010 fall look made my heart jump…which is quite rare lately with regards to makeup…I was deeply in love with the whole look, especially the eyes…I wanted expressive eyes such as those…naturally the signal that relayed to my brain was along the lines of “I need to look like that! That means I need every single item!! Buy! Buy!! Buy!!!” I stalked the Lancome counter asking when the collection would be in…each time leaving a little deflated cos I was told time and again the collection would be in ‘next month’… a few ‘next months’  later…I finally managed to view the collection!

Fall collection consists of…

Plum Shimmer & Noir Shimmer  Eyeliner

French Touch Palette
Palette #A50 Metropolitan Pink
(pale shimmery silverish pink, pale pink, silver and a black.)
Palette #G10 Intemporal Smokey (the essential smokey eye quad.)

Thoughts: I was most interested in the eyeliners -‘plum shimmer’& ‘noir shimmer’. Plum and Noir (black) are the perfect work appropriate colours, with the added benefit of ‘shimmer’, every girl’s fantasy…As luck would have it, the items that I wanted the most are not carried here…in fact the entire particular line of this eyeliner isn’t available here. I was all ready to open my wallet for the eyeshadow palette too…I know the promotional pictures seem to release only one eyeshadow palette but at the local counter, there were two palettes! While the eyeshadows were all soft and finely milled and chocked full of gorgeous shimmer…I could essentially replicate every colour in the palettes from my stash. I might not be getting the exact same colour or same shimmer but the effect would have been the same.These would be great if you don’t have similar shades in your stash.

Rose Deco

Thoughts: This was the other item I was going to purchase…its limited edition by the way, and one of the counters was sold out of this item 24 hours after it became available…Although the price is high, you are getting 3 items within this product. The lighter shade can be used as a highlighter, the darker shade as a contour and when mixed together you get a blush shade! Amazing!! Unfortunately, this shade did squat for me…i personally thought its a tiny too blah for a blush shade (the colour was a pale plummy shade) and too dark for a contour shade ( i would have to blend like hell).


Lipsticks ~ #190; #302 Rose Dari; #306 Rose Kiki

Thoughts: I was a little worried about these because the local magazines were listing them as SGD$65, that’s basically SGD$5 cheaper than the eyeshadow palette…basically only 2 of the shades were new and the third is from their regular line (I have no idea why there’s 4 lipsticks in their pics). The red #190 was a tiny bit too red and blue for me…the other two #302 Rose Dari was a nice nude shade and #306 Rose Kiki a softer rose shade.

Verdict: Overall, fabulous concept, gorgeous wearable looks. Unfortunately, I could replicate most of the shades within my stash and the only items I would have bought without considering were the eyeliners which weren’t available here, so I passed on this collection.

I hope you ladies had better luck with this collection…did anyone buy anything? Please share.

Hope this helps!


Images from iswii.net


4 thoughts on “2010 Fall: Lancome French Coquettes Collection Review

    1. Hi Jennifer

      Its nice to have someone who shares the same view!

      I too love neutrals and I must admit, my majority of eyeshadows/palettes are all neutral shades – there’s just something about neutrals!

      Thanks for visiting & commenting!

    1. Hi Edna

      Yes the shimmering block’s very pretty…I do believe its re-appearing for Christmas too…stay tune for my Christmas collection articles…

      Thanks for visiting!

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