2010 Holiday Gifts – Beauty: The Chanel Edition

Image from Chanel.com


I thought it  was safe to start publishing my articles on the gifts sets available for Christmas…but apparently my extensive research isn’t complete…there are new editions of gift sets still popping up on various websites…this post is only for Chanel…& there’s a reason why…


Collection Essentielle de Chanel Multi-Use Makeup Palette: Face – Lips – Eyes


Comprised of exclusive shades selected to complement a wide range of skin tones, ‘PARIS – L.A.’ includes: 2 lip glosses, 1 lip colour, 3 powder eyeshadows, 2 cream concealers, 1 cream blush and custom applicators.

The essential all-in-one makeup wardrobe — a palette that encompasses everything a woman needs in one convenient case — now comes in a beautiful new plum harmony. Created by the CHANEL Makeup Studio in Paris specially for the United States, this coveted colour collection, named PARIS – L.A., delivers the effortless looks of both trend-defining cities: the cool, hip look of L.A. and the classic elegance of Paris.

Classic Nail Trio


LE VERNIS Nail Colour in  Jade Rose, Dragon and Allegoria.

CHANEL brings together deep red, soft rose and creamy beige shades in the quintessentially classic gift set:

Trendy Nail Trio


LE VERNIS Nail Colour in Particulière, Paradoxal and Steel

Three of the hottest, most sought-after CHANEL nail shades now come together in one exclusive gift for those who desire touches of modern, cutting-edge colour.

Smokey Eyes Simplified


For defining, smudging and blending to perfection: OMBRES CONTRASTE DUO Eyeshadow Duo in Gris-Subtil, LE CRAYON KHÔL Intense Eye Pencil in Noir, and INIMITABLE INTENSE Mascara Multi-Dimensionnel Sophistiqué in Noir.

Smoldering, boldly emphasized eye looks are easily achieved with this essential makeup trio. (USD 99)

Endless Beauty


ROUGE ALLURE EXTRAIT DE GLOSS Pure Shine Intense Colour Long Wear Lip Gloss in Génie, SOLEIL TAN DE CHANEL Moisturizing Bronzing Powder in Terre Épice, LE VERNIS Nail Colour in Orange Fizz.

Create and accentuate a year-round summer glow with the above three makeup musts. (USD 105)

Luxury Now and Forever


Gift Set includes: N°5 EAU PREMIÈRE 40 ml, N°5 Velvet Body Cream, N°5 Bath Gel.

Thoughts: In my humble opinion….Nobody Does it Better (Than Chanel) !!! I was already planning my Chanel Christmas shopping from 2010 Holiday Gift Sets – Fragrances and 2010 Holiday Gift Sets – Beauty when I discovered these new gift sets available only at chanel.com. Might I say Chanel does really have the best marketing team? From the product descriptions, I want every one of these gift sets…for myself!

So what do I get when I fall in love?? Firstly, these gifts apparently are packaged in a box (unlike the previous post where there was a nice Chanel pouch)…but…hey! There’s a camellia flower on the box!! Classic Nail Trio is probably the safest bet – with classic shades that would be suitable for a lot of ladies…You might want to be careful with the Trendy Nail Trio…for Paradoxal, the lovely shimmer in the bottle  doesn’t translate to the nails (see my review – 2010 Fall Chanel Les Contrastes de Chanel). The eyeshadow duo – Gris-Subtil – in Smokey Eyes Simplified is really really pretty…I have been itching to purchase this item…it would create a subtle smokey eye…I think I shall stop right now…cos I could go on with all the reasons to buy every set shown here…I find that my objectivity goes out of the window whenever its Chanel…

The really bad thing about these items, besides their prices (I don’t believe there’s any savings on the sets) and that they are limited edition status…is these beauties are available only at chanel.com

Happy Shopping!


p.s: if anyone’s wondering – “Nobody Does it Better”: Soundtrack from James Bond movie titled “Nobody Does it Better”; “So what do I get when I fall in love?” from a classic song…I think its featured in the soundtrack of a Julia Roberts movie.

Images & product description from chanel.com


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