Chanel Vitalumière Aqua Review

CHANELVitalumière Aqua Ultra-light Skin Perfecting Makeup Instant Natural Radiance SPF 15 is described as “A new-generation texture. An unprecedented sensory experience. A unique makeup result. Rapid and easy application. Apply your makeup without thinking about it. Its soft and evanescent ultra-fine fluid texture is a real surprise. Although it is exceptionally delicate and light, an incomparable “second-skin” perfecting result is achieved. The complexion appears amazingly even, fresh and energized. The skin glows with seemingly nude beauty. As if glowing from within. Bathed in light… Its formula, endowed with a UVB sun filter and mineral sunscreen, protects the skin from damaging sun rays (SPF 15). Its crystalline fragrance accentuates the sensation of freshness and pleasure on application.”

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Thoughts: Application is easy and fast. You need to shake the bottle before use. I used my fingers to apply the product and the foundation seem to sink into the skin & disappear.There is no problem applying the product with my fingers. I have tried application with Giorgio Armani’s foundation brush and a regular foundation brush – each time I get a natural look.

Texture is very, very light  and yet blendable. It truly feels like I am not wearing anything on my face. Coverage is sheer but build-able. Pores are covered. To build layers, just dab and press the next layer of foundation on areas that require more coverage. You can use this method to touch-up after blotting too.

Chanel describes this foundation as “as if glowing within. Bathe in light…” I was a bit wary of this because I expected the foundation to be filled with shimmers…but interestingly, there is no noticeable shimmers  and yet…there’s a sheen on my skin. The bad news is I have to blot every 2 hours.  With a primer, I can stretch till mid-day before I start to blot. With primer and pressed powder, I still get shine in the mid afternoon on the t-zone only. When wearing this foundation in cooler weather conditions, I have noticed that I needed less blotting.

There is only one finish with this foundation. But the shades are divided into 3 different skintones  – beige for yellow undertones, beige rose for pink undertones and beige ochre for ivory skintones.  If you are yellow toned and want a natural look, go for the beige range. The pink range will provide added luminosity for yellow skintones. Likewise, if you have pink skintone and want to look natural, choose the beige range to counteract the pinkness in your cheeks. But frankly,  it would be best to choose according to your skintone. The shades are limited so I do foresee darker skin ladies having trouble finding a match.

To play devil’s advocate…there is a scent to this product…it smells like their UV Essentiale Sunscreen. A slightly spicy, peppery scent that does wear off  in a few minutes. I noticed that I can’t use this foundation under my eyes because it starts to sting…I suspect it might have to do with the spicy scent. The price you pay for the tiny bottle of foundation is also a tad expensive. Product is packaged in a plastic bottle which does not look impressive at all but is travel friendly.

Verdict: Recommended for a sheer to medium coverage that gives a natural I-am-not-wearing-foundation look; a fast application procedure; a lightweight foundation with SPF 15. Better for normal or dry skintype. Ladies with combination skin will have to keep their blotting paper handy.

Hope this helps!


p.s: I have received emails asking me about my thoughts/review on this product since I wrote about it at Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua foundation in September 2010. Sorry for the late review, I just wanted to test drive this product a bit longer.

One thought on “Chanel Vitalumière Aqua Review

  1. I love this foundation. I dislike heavy bases and normally just use loose powder or mineral powder foundation if I need it. I find this works great with Chanel Whitening Effect Base primer ( got conned into buying this but now I love it!!)

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