2010 Wrap Up: ‘Fast & Furious’ – The Chanel Edition

Dear Readers,

We have once again reached the end of the year…in a few more days, it will be 2011. But before that, we have our annual wrap up…how did 2010 do?

Chanel has outdone themselves this year…and made me much poorer…In case you haven’t notice the title of this post, I dubbed 2010 as “Fast & Furious” – The Chanel Edition…Chanel was amazing this year…the collections came fast and furious and before my poor heart could slow down, Chanel would launch another collection. My poor wallet was not happy, neither was my wardrobe (makeup would no longer fit in)…but still Chanel kept coming…with more beauties and they were limited edition too! What was a gal to do?

If you wanted to be  a trendy Chanel gal, you had to have Particuliere (Spring 2010 Les Impressions de CHANEL Collection); Paradoxical (Fall 2010 Chanel Les Contraste de Chanel); Le Vernis Gold Lame , Le Vernis Black Velvet and Le Vernis Illusion D’or (Chanel Orient Extreme); Khaki Brun, Khaki Rose and Khaki Vert (Chanel Les Khaki de Chanel); Strong and Steel  (Chanel Soho Story Makeup Collection) … although I still say the Stupendous quad is the must-have item from that collection

Chanel ruled  the nails for 2010…but I have a sneaking suspicion, 2011 might be interesting for Chanel too. Have you seen the greyish-green nailpolish also known as Black Pearl (#513) for Spring 2011 that the blog-sphere was talking about even before the Christmas Collection?

Image from Chanel.com

In fact, the lucky gals  in USA managed to get their hands on Chanel’s Spring 2011 nailpolishes before it was even Christmas! For the rest of us, the best bet would be early January 2011. Whatever you do, either stalk or call your local counter and be sure to reserve Black Pearl (#513) which appears to be the must have colour of 2011 (that is until the Summer or Fall or Winter collection churns out another must-have!).

Besides trendy nails,  Chanel launched Chanel  Rouge Cocos (lipsticks) and Chanel de Extrait de Gloss (lipglosses) for the lips; re-vamped their Joues Contraste Blushers and launched a new mascara called Subtile which boasts non-smudgy defined eyes meant for Asian eyelashes together with a limited edition eyelash curler  and new eyeshadow duos. But the eyelash curler sold out so fast (I called the counters before it was even released only to be told its sold out cos of pre-orders)! Chanel also has your bases covered with a new base – Base Hydraissiant and  two new foundations  – Vitalumiere Compact and Vitalumiere Aqua foundation (review). Come to think of it, Chanel has covered all the bases!

2010 marks the year where Burberry entered into the beauty world too. Burberry Beauty debuted at Harrods in June/July 2010. I tried my hardest to ignore this brand as stated in Letter to Santa – 2010 but unless you missed my Christmas greetings post, I received Burberry Beauty cosmetics for Christmas! 😀 Please stay tuned to the reviews in  2011! Besides the launch of Burberry Beauty, one of my favourite brands, Suqqu decided to revamped its entire range in September, which left me rushing to review my existing Suqqu collection.

Last year, I dubbed 2009 – The Year of the Lipsticks because several of the beauty brands had introduced new formula lipsticks…well, this year continued that trend. Besides Chanel Rouge Cocos and Chanel de Extrait de Gloss,  Dior revamp their lipsticks and introduced the Rouge Dior, Chantecaille introduced their Hydrating Lip Chic – a longer-lasting version of their Lip Chic version and YSL launched their Rouge Pur Couture lipstick.

Blog-wise, I have done some tinkering and  added a page that lists the various product and collections I reviewed and plan to include a FAQ (a list of common questions that my readers have emailed/left comments) and a page that lists the swatches I made. Top five posts for 2010 are Chanel  Chanel Rouge Allure Laques -Updates , All Things Suqqu, , Chanel Rouge Coco Recommendations, Chanel Rouge Coco Looks,  and Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua.

I hope 2010 has been a great year for you…personally and well…makeup-wise. Please do share your thoughts for 2010 too or any suggestions for my blog.

Thanks so much for accompanying me on my beauty journey in 2010…


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