Burberry Beauty Brush Review

BURBERRY BEAUTY brush is described as a natural beauty brush made of pony and goat hair for extreme softness and precise application.

Image from Nordstorm


Thoughts: Feels  solid in the palm, but is not heavy. I would have thought the square-shaped handle would be awkward in the palm but it is easy to hold. The brush head is very plush – a full head of brush hair that is soft and flexible. So far the brush hasn’t shed. This brush is great for buffing bronzer into the skin. I find it a joy to use when applying my powders (pressed/lose and foundation) but the size of the brush head is a tad too big for precise placement of blush on my cheeks unless I use the sides of the brush to apply blush and the round head to buff the blush into my cheeks.

Verdict: This really is a lovely brush. But I do not think it is necessary (speaking from the point of a beauty aficionado who has way too many brushes), I rather spurge on more lip glosses, or lipsticks or eye shadows. But if you require brushes in your stash or do not have a kabuki brush, it is indeed a luxurious item to have.


Hope this helps!



Product description and image from nordstrom.com


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