Burberry Beauty Lip Glow Natural Lipgloss Review

BURBERRY Beauty Lip Glow Natural Lipgloss contains ceramide complex which recreates the intercellular cement. A Hydrating formula keeps the lips replenished. Fine lines are filled from within, lips are naturally plumped. A creamy touch and perfectly adherent texture. Light oils and spherical powders give fluidity and comfort. Reflects light to create illusion of plumper, fuller lips. Leaves lips supple, glowing with natural highlights and subtle iconic tones.

Image from Nordstorm


Thoughts: I love the packaging! Made of plastic, the tube feels pretty sturdy in one’s hands and the lovely embossed cap makes this lipgloss luxurious.

There is a scent to this product. The scent is familiar but I can’t quite place my ‘nose’ on it. It is not obtrusive and does fade away quickly. I have no issues with the scent even though I am very sensitive to smell.

The applicator is a doe-foot wand, which dishes out the right amount of gloss for application. Lipgloss goes on smoothly and feels lightweight, creamy but not sticky. My lips feel moisturised when using this gloss. This lipgloss also seems to last pretty long on me.

The pigmentation is quite good. You do not get an opaque colour of the lipgloss on the lips. Instead, the colour seems to blend into your lips, giving you a rather natural look. Depending on the shade you chose, you might see shimmers (if you stare up close into the mirror under the lights) in the product. Whether you do chose a shade with shimmers or not, this gloss provides a discrete glossy look to your lips.

I wish Burberry Beauty would create more shades though. The current shades seem to be really natural/nude tones. More reds would be great!

Verdict: Highly recommended! I simply love the look of my lips when I have this gloss on!!

Hope this helps!

Image and product description from nordstrom.com


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