Nutsaboutmakeup on Facebook

Dear Readers,

I do apologise for the lack of posts in the past month. WordPress was facing ‘attacks’ on their server and the administrators at wordpress decided to block a host of IP addresses. My IP address happened to be the one of those blocked ones and thus I could not log on to wordpress to write. As wordpress had locked several IP addresses, I believe some readers might have had trouble visiting my blog too.


Not being able to communicate with my readers was discomforting. I felt like I had so much to say but could not! As such, I have now set up a facebook account so in the event an ‘incident’ ever occurs where I cannot log on to my blog, I can at least send word out to my readers through Facebook. So do follow me at my Facebook account – Nutsaboutmake up.

Thanks for your patience and kind understanding!

p.s: in case you were wondering why the facebook account has a slightly different name…facebook wouldn’t allow ‘nutty’, ‘nuts’ or ‘nutsabout makeup’.


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