Kate’s Beauty Moments

Kate Middleton’s engagement photos were downright stunning.  Apparently, she applied her own makeup. Check out Kate’s Beauty Moments!

Image from zimbio.com

She tends to focus on her eyes so most of the time and likes to define her eyes with a black eyeliner. By defining the eyes, Kate looks very striking a she is emphasizing her lovely eyes. But her choice of black liquid eyeliner can sometimes be a little harsh especially when her photos are going to be taken with telegraphic zoom lens that tend to emphasized all kinds of imperfections.

Image from zimbio.com & dailymail.co.uk

Since the focus is on the eyes, Kate tends to keep the rest of her makeup light to emphasize her glowy skin. Her choice of blusher is pink.

Image from zimbio.com

Thoughts: Perhaps it is best to stick to softer formulas like powder eyeshadows or even softer shades like grey, browns, plums to line her eyes, so she looks less harsh on cameras. I do love her  glowy pink cheeks!

What do you think of her look? Is it fit for a Princess?



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