Guide to Kate Middleton’s Fashion Style

Kate seems to favors outfits that are simple. Think clean lines and nothing fussy. Instead, she uses accessories to jazz up her outfits. Check out Kate’s fashion style!

Kate loves accessories…especially hair accessories. And might I say I love, love, love her choice of hair accessories!!! Have a look at her choice of hair accessories…

Images from

More photos of Kate and her hats!

Image from

Another of her favourite accessories is her knee-high boots! She’s worn them from casual events even to formal occasions. Her choice of colours is black and brown…in suede or plain leather.  Have a look at Kate’s fashion moments with her knee-high boots.

Image from instyle UK &vogue Uk & marieclarie UK

Kate also adores clutches and uses them for day and evening events…

Images from

Her choice of jewellery runs along these lines too. She chooses designs that are discreet and simple and wears minimal jewellery regardless of the occasion.

Image from vogue Uk & marieclarie UK

Thoughts:  On the whole, Kate’s fashion look is simple and neat, she keeps to clean lines that skim her figure. It will be interesting to observe whether Ms Kate retains her simple and minimalistic look when she becomes a Princess…I mean, has anyone seen the Crown Jewellery??? There’s nothing discreet about them!! I do hope she could create a new fashion trend whereby wearing hair accessories become the norm instead of wearing them for certain occasions only.

What do you think of Kate’s fashion moments?


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