Kate Middleton’s Iconic Fashion Moments

Kate Middleton’s wardrobe has always generated much interest…and will no doubt continue to do so in the future. Here’s looking at her iconic fashion moments in her pre-royal days…

Who can forget the dress (or the lack of it) that caught the future King of England’s eye?

v photo 90bf9616.jpg

The dress that sold out within 24 hours…a dress by TOPSHOP that Kate was pictured wearing on her 25th birthday…

 photo 18abc0dd.jpg
Another dress that sold out within 24 hours…the ISSA LONDON navy blue dress that Kate wore to announce her engagement…

 photo 72143d2c2ab8c719_Kate-Middle-Blue-Issa-Engagement-Dresspreview_zpsea0a4142.jpg

The white SS11 Nanette dress by RESIS that Kate wore to pose for these iconic pictures by Mario Testino.

 photo 97881080.jpg

The WHISTLES blouse that’s featured in these engagement photos and renamed “THE KATE”.

 photo d8ce5668.jpg

The BURBERRY  trench coat worn as a dress that was also sold out within 24 hours…

 photo 570e9940.jpg

Kate’s a big fan of ISSA LONDON for all occasions…

Images from dailymail.co.uk & marieclaire.co.uk

In a floor length charcoal grey ISSA dress, a flamingo pink ISSA floor-length evening gown and a black ISSA wrap dress (pictures below) for her shopping trip on the High Street to purchase her honeymoon wardrobe.

 photo kateblackissa_zps60aa027c.jpg

Thoughts: I simple love the Burberry trench coat that Kate wore as a dress!! I wish my Burberry trench looked as good on me!!!! Aside from the first dress, Kate’s choice of fashion that became iconic moments comes from the High Street – Topshop, Whistles and RESIS. I cannot wait to see her choice of fashion for her first official engagement as a Royal! Will it be another iconic High Street moment?

What do you think of Kate’s iconic moments?


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