The Royal Wedding: The Bride’s Hairstyle

The Duchess’s demi-chignon.

Image from instyle

The focal point [of the style] was the anchoring of the tiara and veil, which was placed at the front of her head and secured,” the hairstylists Richard Ward and James Pryce told Instyle.

Image from instyle

The Duchess’s trademark glamorous chestnut hair was styled in romantic waves.

Image from instyle

“The front was swept back in two sections on either side [of her head], and then twisted loosely and pinned gently at the back of the head,” they explained. “Her fringe was draped over her forehead to keep the style soft and romantic.

Thoughts: Frankly…I do not understand the secrecy behind her hairstyle. There’s only THREE ways you can wear long hair – an updo or where its let down or a half-up half-down do. The Duchess chose the last option. Calling her hairstyle a chignon implies an updo, so a demi would mean its a half updo…aka half-up, half down!

I personally feel the Duchess’s hairstyle is fairly similar to her sister’s hairstyle – see The Royal Wedding: Outfits of the Maid of Honour. The difference being the curls for the Duchess are not as loose as her sister’s and her hair was pulled back more loosely as the sides.

I believe the hair was divided into 2 sections – top and bottom. The top section was further divided into 3 sections – 2 sections on either side of her head and the 3rd section in the middle of the head where a small ‘bun’ or ‘twist’ was created for the tiara to sit on or for the tiara to be pinned in. The the other 2 sections were curled and twisted to cover the ends (left and right) of the tiara and then pinned in. The rest of the hair was curled with a curling tong.



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