Chanel Byzance de Chanel Collection

CHANEL Byzance de Chanel Collection or Byzantine Collection was released at the local Chanel beauty boutique on Friday, June 3 2011.

I honesty thought there wasn’t much chance of this collection ever hitting our shores, so imagine my surprise when I saw the collection at the boutique. Needless to say, I came home with the entire collection.


News of the Byzance de Chanel Collection floated around the blog-sphere with the Paris-Byzance Metiers d’Arts Pre-Fall collection in December 2010. Each year Chanel pays tribute to the exceptional expertise of 7 workshops bought by Chanel in 1997  at the parade of “Métiers d’Art” to Homes Lesage Desrues, Lemarie, Michel, Massaro, Goossens and Guillet, who excel in their respective fields – the embroidery, lace and leather goods. These collections are often inspired each time from culture and folklore from a different country, often iconic in the history of Chanel. In 2005 there was Paris-Tokyo, Paris-Los Angeles in 2006, Paris-London in 2007, Paris-Moscow in 2008 and Paris-Shanghai in 2009.*

On December 07 2010, Karl Lagerfeld presented the Paris-parade Byzantium…


To see more of the fashion collection for pre-fall 2011, check out French Vogue. Drawing inspiration from the rich lush tones of the Byzantine collection, Chanel created a limited edition makeup collection called Chanel Byzance de Chanel or Chanel Byzantine Collection.


The highlight of the Byzance de Chanel collection is a limited edition Lumieres Byzantines de Chanel Palette Highlighter. Only 1500 pieces were available in the whole wide world and only a few selected Chanel beauty boutiques would carry this item. My post on Chanel Lumières Byzantines de Chanel Palette is coming up here.

The rest of the Chanel Byzance de Chanel Collection (swatches of collection) consists of:


Availability: I am starting to think that perhaps there’s been a ‘miscommunication’ over the Chanel Byzance collection. I was originally told that the collection was only available at the Chanel beauty boutiques.  But it appears that the UK Chanel counters will have access to the items. As far as I can surmise, perhaps only the Chanel Lumières Byzantines de Chanel Palette is limited to selected beauty boutiques. I think (going out on a limb) the rest of the Chanel Byzance Collection should be available at the Chanel counters (again depending on your location).

To the readers in

  • Canada: Exclusive to Holt Renfrew on Bloor Street in Toronto Ontario with an event (makeover with Chanel makeup artists) from June 21 (Tuesday) to June 25 (Saturday). The Vancouver store will host an event too but unsure of the event dates. [Infor kindly provided by katt53 on mua]
  • Singapore:  Exclusive to Isetan Scotts. July 4th: Available at Metro Paragon and Takashimaya Chanel counters.
  • UK: Available at Selfridges from June 15th and the rest of the UK counters towards the end of June/early July. [Note: Shipment for Selfridges is delayed till next week but there’s a waiting list!] Information from chanel UK (the only reply after emailing Chanel for infor of availability for USA/ Australian / Canadian readers the day i published this post!): Chanel Flagship store at Frasers Glasgow  from June 24th.
  • USA: the best I can do is suggest you contact your local counters for more information. [Available at: Chanel Soho June 13; Chanel boutiques June 29 – from makeupalley boards]. nicci404 from purseforum has suggested trying the Chanel Make-Up Studios – Look for Phyllis at the Chanel Makeup Studio at Nordstrom in Seattle, Washington. The collection is now available on

Disclaimer: Please take note that I do not work for Chanel. The information I have depends on the information provided by the Chanel sales associates at the counters. I can only confirm the above information for Singapore (because I bought the items there) and Selfridges (because the information was provided directly by Selfridges).

I will update this page with new information and their links in the following days. Thanks for all the lovely people who help by providing information on the availability of these items.


Source: * Translated from “Le défilé Chanel Paris-Byzance” in French Vogue; Images from me &  “La collection Chanel Paris-Byzance photographiée par Karl Lagerfeld” in French Vogue


9 thoughts on “Chanel Byzance de Chanel Collection

  1. Hiya! I was just wondering if you knew if this collection will be released in the UK?
    Can’t wait for more pictures! 🙂

    1. Hi

      Yes the collection will be released in the UK. I have updated my main article.

      Pictures and reviews will be posted each day for the rest of the week. I hope you enjoy them! 🙂

      Thanks for visiting!

      1. Thank you! 🙂 I actually rang up Selfridges in Birmingham and London but they had no idea what I was talking about! lol I hate it when we have more info then they do!

        1. Hi Alisha,

          Keep ringing! The information was provided by Selfriges themselves…

          I also do not like it when they have no ideas what they are selling…

          Thanks for visiting!

  2. Thanks for the heads up. Looking forward to your review on these. Can you let me know where you purchased this collection? I’ve contacted several boutiques but they don’t have it.

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