Chanel Byzance de Chanel Review – Joues Contraste Powder Blush Rouge and Or

CHANEL says “The bestselling, ultra-wearable powder blush introduces a sheer, lightly shimmering shade of gold to bring a subtle new luminosity to the face (for Or) and highlights cheeks with a subtle new shade of red, accentuated with traces of gold and pearlized shimmer (for Rouge).”

Read on for my thoughts on the two Joues Contraste Blushes in Rouge and Or in the Byzance de Chanel Collection.

Joues Contraste: Comes encased in a black velvet pouch and packaged in the usual Chanel black square compact with brush applicator and a black plastic sleeve. My other older Joues Contraste had transparent plastic sleeves. I used the brush applicator provided which apparently has been improved because it is no longer scratchy. However the brush still does shed.

This remains at the regular price of SGD 65 (approximately USD 53 / GBP 33).

PhotobucketOr: This is much more suited as a highlighter. On my fair skin, I get a ‘shower’ of gold shimmers where I applied this. Swatched on my hand, there is a slight gold tint in addition to the gold shimmers. Works as a nice gold highlighter but the gold shimmers are noticeable especially under lights.  I believe that there are other highlighters available that contained much more finer shimmers for a natural glowy look.

Rouge: A warm  red with lovely shimmers. I noticed an orange undertone in this blush when swatched  on my hands. On my cool toned skin, Rouge turns out a nice red flush. This is very pigmented. Do not attempt to use this when rushing in the mornings. E.g Morning #1: I dab half the brush head on the blush and dab once each on my cheeks and managed to achieve a nice flush to my cheeks. Similar to the look I get when my cheeks are wind-bitten during winter. E.g Morning #2: I dab the entire brush head on the blush and dab once each on my cheeks and managed to achieve that Japanese monkey butt look…even after much buffing with the brush.

Verdict: Joues Contraste Rouge is recommended if you like pigmented red blush that gives a nice glow. Fair skin ladies might want to either use a stripling brush or use very light hands for application. Joues Contraste Or is recommended if you are looking for a gold highlighter and do not mind the noticeable gold shimmers.

The reviews for the rest of the collection shall follow in  separate posts. The rest of the swatches will be scheduled for posting each day for the rest of this week. Return to Chanel Byzance de Chanel Collection for the links.

Swatches are available here, here and here.

Hope this helps!


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