Jo Malone Tea Fragrance Blend Review – Earl Grey and Cucumber Cologne

JO MALONE Earl Grey & Cucumber is one is one of five limited edition scents created in the Tea Fragrance Blend range.


Notes: bergamot, cucumber, beeswax, vanilla and musk.

Thoughts: If anyone has drunk Earl Grey tea which is my favourite tea, bergamot is the first thing you smell when you take a deep breath before you drink your tea. I was expecting a scent similar to Earl Grey which this isn’t.

The first time I tried Earl grey & cucumber, on paper, it smelt of green leafy vegetables to me…it was quite a distinctive scent and one which I did not like.  I did not smell bergamot even though I was told the top note is bergamot.

But since I love my Earl Grey tea, I ventured back for more tasting…

The second time round, I tried some on my wrist. I still didn’t smell bergamot…but darn…my heart did a little flip-flop when I smelt this! It is a light floral scent which blossomed into a hint of green leafy scent mixed with vanilla. Earl Grey and Cucumber fared slightly better…about three hours on my skin with minimal sillage.

Verdict: Nothing like my favourite Earl Grey tea but quite a lovely  clean floral scent. One of my favourites in the range.

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