2011 June Wrap Up

Dear Readers,

How was June for you? Hope it was great!

Personally I felt June was a little hectic. The reason being the Chanel Byzance de Chanel collection. I had not anticipated such a strong interest in the collection that I scrambled to take photos, made swatches and write about the collection…all within a week! I usually do not write reviews in such a short time frame as I like to do a more thorough test run of products before I gave my opinions. If you would like to read about the collection, check out Chanel Byzance de Chanel Collection which lists all the individual posts on this collection.

Besides the limited edition Chanel Byzance de Chanel collection, I wrote a series on Jo Malone’s limited edition Tea Fragrance Blends that were inspired by the British tradition of afternoon tea. Check out my reviews at Jo Malone Tea Fragrance Blends. There’s also a post on the limited edition Dior Mitzah Collection.

The Fall collections had started trickling into stores for some but most of my local counters only released the Summer collections in June. For a brief overview of Summer 2011 trends, check out  2011 Summer Collection Looks: There’s the summer blues … and the sun-kissed versions.  There are also summer looks at 2011 Summer Looks by Burberry Beauty. I also wrote more in-depth reviews on some of the individual summer collections which caught my eyes and wallet –  Chanel and Dior.

Truth be told, I had prepared a ‘special edition’ series for you, my dear readers in the month of July and I was like a little kid, having to hid this big secret till July! However, I am a little worried after several posts this month on Chanel  – Chanel de Byzance de Chanel collection and Chanel Eyes Asia Collection – you might get bored with more Chanel! But if you wish for more Chanel, do stay tuned to my ‘special edition’ series next month! Btw, this Chanel series is not related to the Fall/Winter makeup collection…

Chanel! Chanel! All the Way!


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