An Elusive Dream: Chanel Vitalumière Éclat Radiance Comfort SPF 10 Compact Makeup

CHANEL describes Vitalumière Éclat Radiance Comfort Compact as “All the comfort and radiance of the fluid make-up in a pressed powder, giving you 8 hours of non-stop radiance. A luminous complexion that regains its natural radiance. A perfectly even complexion with a sheer make-up result. A velvety semi-matte finish. Adjustable coverage, from light to medium. Two application techniques:

  1. With the brush (rigid and supple), the result is light, natural and translucent. Ideal for touch-ups during the day. Sweep over the skin, from the middle of the face outwards.
  2. With the soft-touch sponge for a fuller coverage. Gently press over entire face.

Use Vitalumière Éclat compact on its own, or after Vitalumière Fluid for a more sophisticated result.”

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Packaging: Comes packaged in a black velvet pouch. Rectangular glossy black plastic compact with white inter-locking ‘C’s on the lid. Two separate applicators are provided – a sable (I believe) hair rectangular brush and the regular rectangular sponge. Inside the compact, a large size mirror that stretches the length and wide of the case is provided.The powder sits on the left side of the compact and the right side has a separate compartment for the sponge or brush. The sponge compartment tray does not have holes. The refills have a mechanism that ‘clicks’ the refill pan into the compact…you can hear an audible click.

Price: Compact – SGD96; £40. Refills – SGD69; £30.

SPF: 10

Shades:  7 shades  divided into 3 different colour spectrum.

  1. Beige Range: Beige Pastel #B10, Beige Tender #B20, Beige Sable #B30, Beige Desert #B40.
  2. Beige Rose Range: Beige Rose – Pastel #BR10, Beige Rose – Tender #BR20.
  3. Ivory Range: Beige Ochre #B10.

Thoughts:I bought this foundation initially because of the brush. I usually apply my powder foundations with a brush and thought this would be great for travelling (one less brush to pack). The brush head is a flat brush length-wise.The brush is surprisingly amazingly soft and doesn’t shed when washed. I believe the brush is made of sable hair and actually works really well with the texture of this foundation.

But I have discovered that the best brush for applying this product is actually Giorgio Armani’s blender brush. The coverage is slightly heavier than the sheer coverage that Chanel’s brush provides and perhaps because the GA brush is thicker and grabs onto the foundation better so the foundation is buildable but I still get a air-brush look.

The texture of this foundation is absolutely ‘freaking’ amazing!!!! It is a very soft, very fine and creamy powder. It feels very comfortable on the skin as well.

Coverage is medium when applied with a sponge. The foundation looks quite thick with a sponge application but give it a while and when the foundation settles down, you get a very smooth finish. Pores are covered, skin-tone is even and the effect is a natural velvety radiant look. But I much prefer using the brush which gives a seemingly air-brush / soft-focus look (i.e a much sheerer coverage. I would say its a light coverage). The best bit about wearing this foundation is the effect you get as the day progress…I look damn good – radiant and glowy…well, except for my oily t-zone.

Using Vitalumière Éclat on my combination skin I have to blot my t-zone by mid morning, even when I pair this foundation with a primer meant for oily skin. This foundation does not provide oil control at all. Note that it is marketed as a semi-matte finish.

The sales assistant suggested application with the sponge and then the brush for touch-ups. Alternatively, I can use Vitalumière Fluid with Vitalumière Éclat to provide more coverage for the fluid. I have on occasions swept this all over my face with a big fluffy brush for that soft focus effect over fluid / powder foundations.

The bad bits of this foundation. For starters, there’s the really, really, really crazy price!!! Next, there is no way of getting another brush – you better guard it with your life! Chanel does not sell the compact brush alone which means there is no way you can use brushes for your other Chanel powder compacts (even though they do fit nicely in the other rectangular compacts). The only way to get another brush is to fork out SGD96 for the whole set again. Then there’s the lack of darker shades (although I sure am happy with the lighter skin shades!).

Verdict: I originally bought this compact just for the brush which is amazing but the texture of this foundation blew me away! I wish Chanel would create another powder foundation with this same texture but with a bit more oil control. Best for ladies with normal or dry skin and highly recommended if looking for a glowy look.

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