An Elusive Dream: Chanel Mat Lumière Luminous Matte SPF10 Compact Makeup

CHANEL describes Mat Lumière as “A powdery compact texture for a velvety, perfect complexion. Shiny areas are mattified and imperfections are concealed. A flawless complexion for 12 hours. The powdery formula of Mat Lumière blends delicately into the skin. Micronized talc and spherical and lamellar powders ensure a matte, luminous finish. Shiny areas are mattified and the complexion looks even. Imperfections are instantly concealed and the radiance of the face is revealed. Silicone polymers in the formula optimize the hold of foundation. The complexion looks flawless from morning until evening: even, velvety and embellished. Apply to entire face with the sponge used dry for a natural semi-matte finish or dampened for a semi-matte velvety finish with longer hold. Ideal for touch-ups during the day. Practical and easy to refill.”

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Packaging: Rectangular glossy black plastic compact with white inter-locking ‘C’s on the lid. Inside the compact, a large size mirror that stretches the length and wide of the case is provided. The powder sits on the left side of the compact and the right side has a separate compartment for the sponge. The sponge compartment tray has holes. The refills have a mechanism that ‘clicks’ the refill pan into the compact…you can hear an audible click.

Price: Compact – £36. Refills – £26.

SPF: 10

Shades: 6 shades – Lumière #10, Aurora #30, Sable #40, Poudre #50, Secret #60, Pastel #70.

Thoughts: The texture of the powder is fine. When used dry, I get a light coverage that provides an even skin-tone. There are no noticeable shimmers but I get a radiant velvety finish that looks very natural even when I apply the foundation with the sponge.

I sometimes apply this with a big fluffy brush over my liquid foundation to mattify my t-zone. In my humble opinion, the mattifying properties are as good as a regular pressed powder. This foundation is marketed as suitable for combination skin or skin with oily t-zones only.

I have not experienced any darkening or oxidising for this foundation. My problem with this foundation is for some reason, it makes the skin on my forehead itch… and only on my forehead. Ladies might have problems finding a match as the shades available tend to be yellow-base and there is a lack of lighter shades.

Verdict: Recommended for ladies with oily t-zones and if looking for a velvety finish.

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