An Elusive Dream: Chanel Mat Lumière Extrême SPF 20/PA+++ Compact Makeup

CHANEL describes Mat Lumière Extrême as “Enriched with vegetal lipides and Lilium extract, Mat Lumière Extrême mattifies the complexion with lasting results: sebum production is perfectly controlled and the appearance of pores is minimized. Coated powders and treated pigments ensure optimum makeup and colour hold all day long.

With its SPF 20 / PA+++, it protects the skin from damaging UV rays. The soft focus pigments allow Mat Lumière Extrême to conceal dark spots and imperfections while offering a luminous and even makeup result. Peach Extract, renowned for its moisturizing and emollient properties, offers the skin an excellent sensation of comfort. Apply with a dry sponge for a semi-matte makeup result. Practical in its refillable case, Mat Lumière Extrême is ideal for touch-ups at any time of day.”

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Packaging: Rectangular glossy black plastic compact with matte black (as opposed to the usual white) inter-locking ‘C’s on the lid. Inside the compact, a large size mirror that stretches the length and wide of the case is provided. The powder sits on the left side of the compact and the right side has a separate compartment for the sponge. The sponge compartment tray has holes. The refills have a mechanism that ‘clicks’ the refill pan into the compact…you can hear an audible click.


SPF: SPF20/PA+++

Shades: shades – Beige Claire #10, Beige Rose #20, Beige Cendre #30, Beige Sable #40, Beige Naturel #45.

Thoughts: The texture of the powder is very sheer and fine. I usually apply with my flat-top brush which gives a matte, powdery finish. My pores are covered and coverage is medium. Application with a sponge provides a velvety finish.

The mattifying properties are amazing. My usual blot-time is mid-day. With Mat Lumière Extrême there was no shine till late afternoon. No experience of oxidization or the foundation getting darker.

Take note that this is marketed for skin that is oily, all over the face oily and not just oily t-zones . I tried this with my combination skin (oily t-zone and normal cheeks) and my cheeks ended up being itchy. Subsequent use cause the skin on the cheeks to start flaking. Besides the itchiness that I experienced on the forehead and cheeks, I find that my pores tend to clog more with this product.

I believe this might be an Asian exclusive.

Verdict: Recommended for ladies who have oily skin.

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2 thoughts on “An Elusive Dream: Chanel Mat Lumière Extrême SPF 20/PA+++ Compact Makeup

  1. Thanks for your honest review, I’ve been thinking of getting this powder but after reading your post, I think I’ll stick to my current Chanel powder! I have skin that easily gets clogged pores and hence breakouts from makeup. I’ve been using the Chanel Mat Lumiere Perfection Powder Foundation and that does not clog my pores or break me out at all! Perhaps you can try that. Only thing I am not happy about is that the oil control isn’t good and because my skin is oily, the powder oxidizes on me after awhile.


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