The Buckingham Palace Exhibition in 2011 – The Royal Wedding Dress

EVERY summer, the doors of Buckingham Palace are thrown open for the public. Besides getting to see the insides of the palace, there is a special exhibition held inside the Palace too. This year’s exhibition is on the Duchess’s Wedding dress that she wore during the wedding in April 2011 and the royal collection’s Faberge collection.

In case you wish to see the dress up close and off course have a look at the throne room (where the official wedding photos are taken), see the balcony (where the Weddings kisses are exchanged for the public) or the state banquet room (where state dinners are held) or the Royal stage coaches (used for the Wedding and state occasions), wait no further and book your tickets!! I understand tickets are selling out pretty fast.

The Royal Wedding Dress: A Story of Great British Design runs from July 23 until October 3 at Buckingham Palace. Tickets are priced at £17.50 and can be obtained from The Royal Wedding Dress  or 0207 766 7300. Alternatively check out The Royal Collection webpage for more information.

For the other readers not based in UK,  read the rest of my post to see pictures of the exhibition.


The Queen and Duchess viewing the exhibition privately…the Queen was overheard saying “horrid” in reference to the way the dress was displayed. If you take a look at the photo below, you would see the veil and tiara floating above the dress…I guess its one version of the ‘headless ghost’??


Now you see why the Queen said ‘horrid’?


The back of the dress and veil.


The back of the dress with its gorgeous bustle and buttons.


The shoes.


The bouquet.


The sliced wedding cake.


Finally!! A close up photo of the Halo Tiara.


The specially commissioned earrings worn by Kate on her wedding day. Does anyone notice the that the earring has similar patterns with the tiara? Looks almost like it’s a set…I wonder if the Duchess had decided to wear this tiara and her parents commissioned the earrings to match the tiara??

If you would like further details of the wedding, check out The Royal Wedding Page which has the links to all my posts on the wedding.


p.s: if you do manage to attend, don’t forget to take time to really enjoy the drawings on the wall and the Faberge collection too!



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