The Duchess of Cambridge’s Hairstyles and Looks on the 2011 Canada/USA Tour

Here’s a look at the various hairstyles the Duchess sported on the 2011 Canada/USA Tour.

The Down-dos

 photo curled_zps0072e9e4.jpg

Different variations of the Duchess’s hairstyle where she leaves her hair loose and flowing.

 photo wavy_zpse17fd1cf.jpg

Ends are either tightly curled or wavy or with what i would call “kinks.”

The Up-dos

 photo ponytail_zps9c431525.jpgVery rarely does the Duchess style her hair in updos but for this trip she wore her hair up several times. She has her hair in a loose ponytail with the ends curled.

The In-betweens

 photo halfupdo_zps9ae16088.jpgThe Duchess has use the ‘Demi – chignon’ that she wore during her wedding in April several occasions in this trip.

 photo halfup_zpsa71b84e2.jpgI went through several tons of pictures to collect the above pictures in what I hope are all the steps for your ladies to recreate the style.

The Hats


The Duchess left her hair down with the ends curled  when she wore hats.

For formal

 photo nighttime_zpsfdda6d71.jpgFor formal events, the Duchess wore her hair down in her usual loose wavy look and an elegant updo for the Canada day concert celebrations.


DM photo 06768175.jpgFor the trip, the Duchess sported her tried and tested look – black eyeliner with taupe eyeshadow in the crease, nude pink blush and lips.

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