Chanel Les Aquarelles de Chanel Collection Review – Ombre Essentielle in Gris Exquis

CHANEL Les Aquarelles de Chanel Collection introduces Ombre Essentielle in Gris Exquis. Chanel says “Part of LES AQUARELLES DE CHANEL Makeup Collection, this versatile powder eyeshadow debuts in the limited-edition shade, Gris Exquis. An elegant dove grey, ideal for achieving soft, romantic eye looks.”

If you are confused about this eyeshadow, so am I. The products used for the parade had shown the Ombre Duo Gris Stil (next to the lipstick)…

Image from french vogue

But Ombre Essentielle in Gris Exquis has been introduced as part of the Les Aquarelles de Chanel instead.

Why did I buy this? Because there were no testers available for this collection and I am a sucker when it comes to the words limited edition… However, you might want to read the rest of this post before you make your decision.

Ombre Essentielle in Gris Exquis: This is not pigmented at all. The swatches I took had about 5 swipes of the product with the sponge applicator.   Gris Exquis is a soft grey eyeshadow that looked matte under daylights. Under lights, you could see very minute amount of shimmer… But the effect on the eyes and when swatched is a grey eyeshadow with a matte finish. It looked meh on my eyes…

However, if you pair this with the  ombre tisses  in beiges, one can understand why this was introduced together with the ombre tisses in beiges. I guess the matte effect makes the whole look less  ‘over the top’ as compared to an eyeliner that also contains shimmer?

Verdict: Extremely disappointed that there wasnt a tester…I would have save some $$$. You might want to check this out if you are looking for a matte grey eyeshadow.

Swatches coming up… here

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2 thoughts on “Chanel Les Aquarelles de Chanel Collection Review – Ombre Essentielle in Gris Exquis

  1. Aw, can’t you return it? They really should have had a tester available. We’re all seduced by the “Limited Edition” label. It has been a successful marketing scheme for several companies, practically guaranteeing a run on the product or collection. And they don’t have to guess which products will be successful; if it is, they bring it back (like Black Satin).

    1. Hi Ava,

      Unfortunately we cannot return the items. 😦
      And yes…there really should be testers available!
      Perhaps its time I try and build up some kind of resistance to the words ‘limited edition’…

      Thanks for dropping by!

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