Chanel Les Aquarelles de Chanel Collection Review – Rouge Coco Shine in Royallieu #58

One of the products used during the Chanel Spring-summer 2011 Haute Couture Parade was Rouge Coco Shine in Royallieu #58.

Rouge Coco Shine in the Royallieu #58: This is a very sheer light milky pink with a lot of shine. It barely provided any colour when I swatched it on my hand. It looked like lip balm with a hint of milky pink with a lot of shine.

Interestingly, one sa told me to skip it because it wouldn’t produce any colour on my pigmented lips. She suggested Adventure which would provide more colour if I hardly wear any makeup.

At another counter, on another day (after finding out Mr. Peter Philips used this on his models for the parade) I once again swatched this on my hands. It still had that barely hint of pink colour on the back of the hands…

Being a sucker of punishment, I asked a different sa if this would suit me. The answer was yes… because my lips are quite pigmented, so I didn’t need a lipstick that had too much colour…naturally I thought the sa was just trying to make a sale…then I thought…Mr Peter Philips the genius must have a reason for this shade right?

I must apologise to Mr Philips ( if you are reading this …you are a genius!)…I shouldnt have doubted him…you see, this actually muted my pigmented lips. So this would work perfectly with a smokey eye look or if you wanted something natural  with shine. Best of all, it emphasize my lips in a very natural way with just a hint of colour…I didnt know my lips were that plump, that lush, that juicy. It’s now my favourite nude pink lippie.

Verdict: Honestly? Your mileage might vary. For me, I am a happy camper because it fits my needs.

Swatches coming up…

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