Anna Sui Nail Polish Review

ANNA SUI has several range of nail polishes.

The regular range of Anna Sui nail polishes available at the counter come in glass bottles which have a rose pattern in the middle of the bottle. The top of the black cap has a carved rose as well.


Among these regular range of nail polishes at the counter, there is a range of nail polish which come in a different packaging. These bottles have black caps but do not have the rose pattern in the middle of the bottle. The colours in this range give a matte finish or are very glittery shades meant for nail art.


There is also a range for Duty free shops which often come packaged as a set. These bottles do not have the rose pattern but the black caps have designs carved on them. sometimes, the Duty Free shops have miniature nail polish sets that contain a top coat, nail polish remover and a nail polish colour.

Occasionally, Anna Sui also produces a limited edition dolly range where the caps of the nail polish bottles have pictures of dolls on it.

Thoughts: The polishes all have Anna Sui’s trademark rose scent.

Application actually varies. I find the shimmer ones apply really well. The glittery ones sometimes go on streaky. If you happen to purchase one of the glitter ones that have microglitter and chunky glitter, its difficult to ensure an even number of glitter and the placement of the glitter.

The nail polishes take a while to totally dry. Once it dries, there’s there lovely rose scent that lingers for a while. It is a very strong rose scent, so if you are sensitive, I suggest you look elsewhere for your nail polish fix.

When I first ventured into this brand, I was a little surprise that there wasnt a wide range of shades. I thought that Anna Sui would have lots of vampy, dark, unusual shades of nail colours. However, there’s only one black nail polish with gold microglitter… No dark greens… There’s a couple of bright yellows…There wasnt much reds or vampy purples or blues…Surpringsly, there’s actually a lovely range of nudes and pink shades available!! However, it could be that Anna Sui is revamping their entire range of nail polishes. They also tend to create limited edition colours.

Verdict: If you are looking for a rose scented nail polish, this range comes highly recommended. However, most of the nail polishes contain micro glitter or glitter. Some of the polishes have shimmer but the shimmer are more chunky as compared to for example Chanel or Dior nailpolishes.

Hope this helps!


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