Jo Malone Wild Blueberry Review

JO MALONE Wild Blueberry is part of the permanent range and described as “Dewy, Luminous, Delicate.”


Notes: Bluebell, clove, lily of the valley, rose, jasmine, white amber and musk.

Thoughts: The promotional picture is honestly not appealing to me…perhaps the Jo Malone team wanted to invoke an ethereal image? But Liv Taylor and Cate Blanchet in Lord of the Rings was etheral…the promotional picture is more of a Alice in Wonderland scary picture…

Weird promotional picture aside, this fragrance is actually lovely! I detected crisp, greeny with a hint of a the ocean, followed by citrus orange ending with an aquatic scent…the hint of ocean becoming a full blown ocean…no spicyness that i would expect with the white amber & musk…

For some reason, I thought of watermelons and cucumbers when I first sniffed Wild Bluebell on my wrists…followed by oranges and finally lovely blue oceanic views…

Perhaps someone at Jo Malone has heard about the complains of poor lasting power? I still caught light whiffs of Wild Bluebell on my wrist about 7 hours after I first spritz her in the morning.

Wild bluebell is indeed light, fresh and delicate. Perfect for weather that is hot and humid  and whether it’s for an office environment or a casual outing.

My suggested combination:

  • Black Vetyver Café Cologne – creates a rich smokey twist. Think hot humid evening in at a bar & whoever is wearing this combination is in a red v-neck sleeveless top and tight black skirt…defintedly with red lips!
  • Blue Agava & Cacao Cologne – creates a zesty yet slightly spicy twist. Think lovely sand beaches & clear sparking waters with a breeze and whoever is wearing this combination is in a maxi dress with a wide brim straw hat.

Verdict: a delightful light refreshing scent.

~ nutty



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