Santal de Mysore by Serge Lutens

SERGE LUTENS Santal de Mysore marks the 400th post on!  🙂

Perfume Notes: Mysore sandalwood, cumin, spices, styrax balsam, caramelised Siamese benzoin

Thoughts: When I first spritz this, I nearly cried…

One of my favourite places to visit is Japan…and if you have ever visit one of the numerous temples or shrines in Japan; you will not forget the smell of the incense that greets you at these places. Santal de Mysore reminded me of those Japanese incense and I was overjoyed to finally find a fragrance that was similar to those incense…

Santal de Mysore is a very elegant, clean, light scent that is slightly sweet to my nose. I mainly smelt sandlewood with a touch of the spices. It creates a really delicate airy feeling…I felt that I was on a high and was in a very delightful mood when I had this on…

Unfortunately, this fragrance really did make me cry…

I tested this fragrance when I was back in Asia during the Seventh Month of the Lunar Calendar*…and this scent while gorgeous made people around me uncomfortable…I kid you not!! When I stood next to people, they started looking around as if searching for something. When I had longer conversations with the older woman folk, they too started looking around and were quite distracted which later developed into irritation…

Apparently this scent reminded them of Tan Xiang, a fragrance most associated with incense…and they found it most disconcerting to discover a young gal wearing this scent…not to mention during the Seventh Month!

So, although Santal de Mysore to me is Full Bottle Worthy, I would not be purchasing it because of the uncomfortable reactions it gives to people around me…I will search for a sample and when all alone, break out my sample and take whiffs of it…or wear in when I am back in the Western Hemisphere…

Verdict: If you love sandalwood, please do check out this scent!

* Some Chinese believe that each year during the Seventh Month of the Lunar Calendar, the gates to hell open and hungry ghosts are allowed to wander on earth. During this month, offerings of food, paper offerings, incense etc would be burnt to offer these hungry ghosts sustenance.


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