Un Lys by Serge Lutens

SERGE LUTEN’s Un Lys is part of the non-export line.

Perfume Notes: Lily, Musk, Vanilla*

Thoughts: I recalled reading that Sa Majesté La Rose and Un Lys were Monsieur Serge Luten’s flower scents and since I love Sa Majesté La Rose, I thought Un Lys would be full bottle worthy too. Unfortunately, on me, it was a scrubber…

Un Lys is lilies, nothing but lilies…Please don’t get me wrong, I love lilies, I do. I love purchasing freshly cut lilies – the gorgeous white blooms or the lovely pale pink to dark pink ones…not the yellow lilies but that is because I don’t really like yellow flowers except for sunflowers… but I digress…

Un Lys was an overwhelming scent of lilies, huge amounts of them… imagine a white room filled with vases of white lilies in full bloom and there’s no windows at all and the only exit out of the room is the huge wooden door that is in front of you, so easy to escape but one needs to waddle through all those white lilies…its unbearable, almost suffocating … a scent that left me feeling nauseous and the beginnings of a migraine pounding at my head…

Verdict: Un Lys is just not for me, but please have a sniff if you love lilies.

source: *from The Perfume Court


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