Un Bois Vanilla by Serge Lutens

SERGE LUTENS Un Bois Vanilla is available in the export and non-export line.

Perfume Notes: Black vanilla absolute, liquorice, bitter almond paste, caramelized benzoin, beeswax, coconut milk, Tonka bean and sandalwood.*

Thoughts: I was most intrigued with this fragrance when I first spritz it on. I thought I was transported into a candy shop – it reminded me of the traditional candy stores with their different kind of candy contained in class canisters and the smell of the candy store was liquorice. The black coloured liquorice to be specific. The liquorice slowly disappeared and was replaced with coconuts…lots of them…it was a little too over-powering for me…and I personally don’t like the scent of coconuts since they have a tendency to give me migraines…I was quite happy when the coconuts disappeared and was replaced with a rich dark smoky scent – a lovely mix of vanilla, tonka bean and sandalwood. Unfortunately, this lovely smokey scent didn’t last long. The coconuts kept drifting into the smokey scent and while it was quite an unusual and unique scent, the dreaded migranes did eventually materialised.

Verdict: Un Bois Vanilla is unfortunately not for me but perhaps someone who likes liquorice and coconuts would find this full bottle worthy.

source: *The Perfume Court


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