Vitalumière Hydra Moist Radiance Emulsion Compact SPF 15 / PA++ Review

CHANEL describes Vitalumière Hydra Moist Radiance Emulsion Compact SPF 15 / PA++ as ” The surprise of a fresh and moisture-rich foundation, in a compact case, always ready for touch-ups. Thanks to its fine emulsion texture, Vitalumière Hydra melts away like a caress over your skin. In an instant, the complexion becomes even, dewy, plumped and radiant, bathed in comfort for up to 8 hours. Its SPF 15 / PA++ protects the skin from damaging sun rays. Ideal for unifying complexion, the medium coverage stays natural, with a delicate satin finish. Its shades are designed to perfectly match Asian skin tones.”


The Vitalumière Hydra Moist Radiance Emulsion Compact SPF 15 / PA++ was launched in Asia a couple of months ago, together with the Tweed Blush in Brun Rose and a loose powder. Both the blush and power were limited edition.

There are only 6 shades available in the range. 2 shades in the Beige Rose range (#12, #22), 3 in the Beige range (#10, #20, #30) and one Beige Orche shade (#21).

Thoughts: If you read my previous reviews on Chanel compacts (here), you would know that I love Chanel packaging. This round shaped compact is similar to the Teint Innocence Naturally Luminous SPF10 Compact makeup (review) …which makes one wonder if the Teint Innocence Naturally Luminous SPF10 Compact is destined for cold storage considering the Vitalumière Aqua replaced Teint Innocence Liquid Foundation (here). Packaging is cute and portable, great for travelling. But a tad bulky compared to the  flatter rectangular shaped compacts.

The texture of Vitalumière Hydra feels fairly thick when I play with it using my fingers but when using a sponge, it is surprisingly easily spreadable. Vitalumière Hydra gives a medium coverage. My pores are covered.  The overall effect is a very natural satin finish.

The best bit with this foundation is that I don’t feel like I am wearing foundation at all. My skin feels comfortable. The sales assistants say this foundation is not recommended for combination or oily skin. I have combination skin (oily t-zone, dry cheeks) and my dry cheeks loved this foundation! Surprisingly, only my nose looked slightly greasy (but not my forehead) after wearing this for about 3 hours. By the end of the day, I needed some blotting on the t-zone) but again surprisingly, the makeup was intact. If I top this with powder, I actually get no shine on my nose close to 5 hours after application.  At the end of the day, there was no oxidation and best of all, I still looked like I wasnt wearing any foundation.

The minus points – the lack of shades, the expensive price and the low SPF / PA rating.

Verdict: I actually do like this foundation despite having combination skin.



5 thoughts on “Vitalumière Hydra Moist Radiance Emulsion Compact SPF 15 / PA++ Review

  1. I really like the texture of this foundation as well but I think it has alcohol, which dries out my skin badly. Thanks for the thorough review. I wish this would work for me 😦

    1. Hi Kristie

      Fear not! Am pretty sure at the rate we beauty bloggers test items, you are sure to find something that suits your skin soon.
      Did you try the Burberry liquid foundation? That seems to garner pretty good reviews…or perhaps try the new Giorgio Armani foundation?

      Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment!

    2. there is no alcohol in it. What I think is that you didn’t manage to prime your skin properly with skincare, but choosing to use skincare that is lightweight, the film forming agents with silicones settled in causing this “cosmetic dryness” as one percieved.

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