2012 New Year’s Resolutions

Dear Readers,

2011 has gone by and 2012 has arrived!! At the start of each new year, we tend to focus on writing resolutions…

In a recent newspaper column, the writer wrote about how he hasnt been able to keep to his resolutions. His friend suggested writing very detailed resolutions which would stop him from breaking another resolution. His wife said that his resolutions were too tough to achieve, that is the reason why he keeps breaking them.

In my humble opinion, I do not think one is able to keep every resolutions he or she makes. I am not being pessimistic. On the contrary, I think that breaking resolutions is part of life. Consider this, the only thing constant in life is change. By making resolutions at the beginning of the year, one fails to take into account the changes that would occur throughout the rest of the year… Because of change, it is only natural that one wont be able to keep resolutions because change will inevitably occur and one’s previous resolution might not be workable in the new situation. I much prefer to think of resolutions as guidelines on how one would like to pass his or her year…this might simplify life a whole lot more…

I might keep all of them, break some of them or tweak them a little…

To take better care of myself: 2011 was really hectic for me, at times I felt it was difficult to breathe. So this year, I will take better care of myself. I will go easy on myself, take things easy, slow things down alittle even though people want instant results. I will take care of myself by starting to be more active (although I will likely be dead tired after work)…but thats Doctor’s orders…more exercise and more rest…which I really think is unachievable…why ask me to do more exercises and yet ask me to rest more at the same time?

Blog-related: since I am taking better care of myself, I intend to return to the basics for my blog. That means, I will concentrate on the reason I started this blog – To keep an account of the items that work for me – which means reviews. I shall concentrate on product reviews and spend less time chasing after the latest new item or latest limited edition item which hopefully will tie in with the “go easy on myself” resolution (see above). And if I am taking care of myself, that means taking better care of my skin. Therefore for 2012, I intend to focus more on skincare product reviews.

What are your thoughts in new year’s resolutions? Care to share your 2012 resolutions or any suggestions on the direction my blog should go?


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