Becca Ultimate Mascara Review

BECCA’s ULTIMATE MASCARA is a tubing mascara. Check out Becca’s website for product information.


Thoughts: Brush-head ~The conical shaped brush with an evenly spaced and dense amount of bristles curls, lifts and separates lashes in one easy coat.Mascara is applied evenly with hardly any clumps, I could brush out the clumps with the brush alone.

Packaging ~ not so crazy cos it has a rubbery surface…

Effect ~ This mascara is fast-drying and forms binding “tubes” around the lashes. It does not run, smudge, flake, clump, melt or drip and repels water, sweat and tears so you get long lasting wear and yet is easy to remove.

Result ~ Gives a nice thick set of lush lashes but curls are slightly droopy…am guessing cos formulae gives thickness, its slightly heavy for my lashes…hence the drooping curl…makeup artist actually curled my lashes after application…not before…that way the curls did retain its curls…Does not clump lashes because I can keep brushing on without clumping and without using lash comb…

Removal ~ Mascara “tubes” slide off of lashes upon removal with water and light pressure from your fingertips, a washcloth, or shower pressure; no need for makeup remover or rubbing under-eye area to remove mascara residue

Verdict: A great tubing mascara.  But this might not be a suitable mascara for lashes with  a lack of curl.

Hope this helps!


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