La Mer The Refining Facial Review

LA MER The Refining Facial is describes as “Instantly smooth and boost skin’s brightness and radiance with this multi-action complex. Fermented acidic sea muds soften skin and gently lift away dry surface cells. Pure diamond powder and polished sea quartz physically exfoliate skin to reveal a fresh new surface. Smart minerals convert massage action into energy, immediately stimulating circulation and awakening the skin.”

Price: £58.72 (100ml)

Thoughts: This is a fairly gritty cream base scrub with a weird smell.

The refining facial did made my skin radiant, it looked brighter. However, I had a bad reaction from this product! After using the refining facial, my skin started itching. When I took a look at the mirror, my skin looked blotchy and red.  The blackheads on my nose could still be seen even after the scrubbing.

However, note that I have sensitive skin. It reacts even to cold wind during winter…

Verdict: Perhaps best for non-sensitive skin users .

Hope this helps!


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