Countless Tears and Sweat,
Endless burning of the midnight oil.
Much sadness and self-doubts,
With brief bits of elation.

Empty ink cartridges,
Enough to fill a river.
Stacks of papers covering every available space,
My contribution to deforestation.

Wadding through the dark abyss,
it seemed endless.
5 years,
1, 825 in days,
43, 800 in hours,
it was dark no more.

My name was called,
silence greeted.
Walking to the stand,
All eyes on me.

Where I stood,
bathe in light,
time was still.

I wore my gown,
raise my right hand
and gave my declaration.

The lights dimmed
as I return to my place.
No more than 5 minutes
was the past acknowledge.
While I looked no different,
I am different.

There will be
Endless Tears and Sweat,
Countless burning of the midnight oil.
Sadness and self-doubts
will intermingle with elation.

Empty ink cartridges,
Stacks of papers,
will walk with me
my path now lit from within.


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