Shopping Haul: 5 Day Hokkaido Ski Trip – Departmental Store

The Japan bit of shopping haul actually occurred on the last day of the trip where it was basically a free and easy day for us in the city. We spent the morning visiting the tourist sights (on foot) followed by shopping!

Second Port of Call: Tokyu Departmental Store
Report: Tokyu Departmental Store was the first port of call (for department store and on this trip) and wham, I walked right into the Hakudo Brush counter when I walked through the door. Stood there for 20 minutes playing with the brushes, walked away and came right back again! Recommended by the sa to pick a brush set. She went throught the motions on how to use the brushes…ermm…apparently using the rounded head kabuki brush was a no-no…she had the open-mouth look of horror when I demonstrated the motions! Love the SA cos she was so helpful at locating the Suqqu counter for me!


Hakudo Brush Set

Third Port of Call: Marui Departmental Store
Report: Marui Departmental Store was about 40 minutes walk away from Tokyu. So at the second port of call, I went into Marui and headed straight for the Suqqu counter. Asked for the Christmas set and hehe…she looked at me and asked Christmas set? I said yes and there was a flurry of activity behind the counter where the Christmas sets had been kept! I was actually surprised that both X’mas sets were still available by this time! It was more difficult conversing with these ladies as compared to my last visit to a Suqqu counter in Japan (see here). Also walked away with less samples.


Suqqu Christmas Set A
Suqqu Skincare Spring Set
Suqqu Creamy Glow Lipstick
Suqqu Eyeshadow Palette

Onwards! The final port of call…drug store!


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