Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet Lipstick Review

CHANEL describes Rouge Allure Velvet “ROUGE ALLURE VELVET creates another way to wear lipstick. An alternative to shine. More velvety soft and comfortable than any matte lipstick before, it adorns lips with deep colours and an intensely luminous matte finish. As moisturizing as a satiny lipstick, it feels as weightless as a second skin. One click releases it from its black lacquered tube. Its eight shades, enriched with ultra-thin mother-of-pearl particles, reveal their many facets to match your every mood.”


Thoughts: Packaging is the usual allure range of black lacquered tube. But what’s inside the tube is surprisingly good…

The lipstick is amazingly lightweight. You really don’t feel like you are wearing lipstick. This feeling is further amplified by the texture of the lipstick. It is amazingly good…its creamy but not that creamy –  its easily spreadable with no tugging on the lips during application.

Since you smack your lips together and don’t feel anything, naturally you whip out your purse mirror to check if your lipstick is on…what do you find? Well, another amazing find…under day lights, you see natural lips…no pesky shine or glitter but natural lips…that somehow look just a touch better than usual. You think your eyes are playing tricks on you…or perhaps there isn’t enough lights to see clearly, so you turn on the lights and under the lights…you notice this luminosity to your lips and you realise perhaps there’s a touch of very, very fine shimmer in the lipsticks…

Your day begins and it’s so hectic that you only managed to grab a cup of coffee during lunch and realise there’s barely any lipstick stain on your cup! Feeling slightly upset that you spent an arm and leg on a lipstick that has worn off without much eating or drinking, you go back to work and forget all about the lipstick till late afternoon when you finally manage to grab a sandwich and coffee. You finish your lunch, dab your lips and amazingly discover lipstick on the tissue!

Your return home in the evening, removing makeup and discover your lips as they were…there’s no peeling or cracking after wearing the lipstick!

Although this is an amazing lipstick, naturally you are upset with the price (its more expensive than the other lipsticks) and the range of colours. So far most counters have only 8 shades  but the 8 shades available are different from Europe and Asia. But more importantly, you are upset that you now have the urge to buy more lipsticks…

Verdict: Highly recommended if looking for a long-lasting non-drying lipstick that has a matte finish.



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